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favorite things

IT’S MY FAVORITE THINGS!!!!!!!!    Each year I like to share some of my favorite things AND sharing the love by awarding someone ALL OF MY FAVORITE THINGS!  Ya’ll, I ain’t Oprah…so you don’t get a car…but I think you will love this year’s list of Mr. Greg’s Favorite Things!  This year’s list is worth $2,500 and you could win it all!  (The giveaway is at the end of this post!)

favorite things

So without, further ado, here are Mr. Greg’s FAVORITE THINGS 2018!

A 6 foot RUGS ALIVE from our friends at Alive Studios!  The new Rugs Alive feature augmented reality built into the rug.  Your classroom rug can now come to live in amazing 3D using the free app!   We have two of these rugs in our classroom and they are beautiful.  And engaging!

Visit our friends at Alive Studios for more on augmented reality!

You will win a 6 foot Rugs Alive rug for your classroom!

ESGI is a compute based, 1 on 1 assessment tool that is a MUST HAVE for every classroom.  Save yourself hours and hours of  work on assessments and data collection.

You will win a one year license for YOU and an additional license to give to a friend!

For more on ESGI and how I use it in my classroom, visit this post!

SitSpots are “spots” that work like Velcro.  They can be used for classroom management and learning games.  SitSpots come in all kinds of shapes and colors.  They even have SitSpots tape.  The newest products are pre-printed with letters, numbers and sight words!

You will win a letters pack and numbers pack!

For more on SitSpots, visit this post!

KindergartenCrate is a monthly subscription box just for kindergarten teachers ( or Pre-K teachers and soon to include other grades as well!)  Each month you receive your crate with a book and lesson materials for the book, classroom goodies, teacher goodies and some months you even receive a t-shirt!  I LOVE my KindergartenCrate each month!

You will win a 12 month subscription to KindergartenCrate!

MathStackers is a toy that serves as a classroom learning tool.  These foam blocks can be used for measurement, counting, decomposing numbers, addition and subtraction!   My class loves our MathStackers!

For more information visit Math Stackers!

You will win a combo set of MathStackers!

Classroom Faces t-shirts are the best classroom t-shirt out there.  Each student in your class draws their self portrait and writes their name.  Those are then made into a t-shirt!  Our friends at A-Plus Images do a great job with these shirts and they make the best gifts and keepsakes!

You will win a class set of 20 Classroom Faces t-shirts!

Ya’ll know how much I love my wireless doorbell from our friends at SadoTech for classroom management!  This is our quiet signal!  The doorbell rings and we get quiet and look at Mr. Greg!

You will win a wireless doorbell for your classroom!

For more on how we use the doorbell, check out this post!

Our TKS BOOTCAMP Curriculum is a year long math and literacy curriculum created by Mr. Greg!  This curriculum is research based and classroom proven!   Our curriculum is developmentally appropriate, engaging and easily differentiated to meet the needs of all learners!

You will win the entire TKS BOOTCAMP curriculum!

For more information on the TKS BOOTCAMP curriculum, visit the brand new TKS BOOTCAMP website!

ELEVATE! is a one day conference that features practical, engaging, research based best practices to help ELEVATE your classroom and teaching!  Our conference is geared for PreK-2nd grades and features real life strategies that work in a real life classroom from a real life, full time teacher!    ELEVATE is fun, engaging, practical, inspiring and you get tons of swag, lunch and a day of collaboration!

You will win a registration to the ELEVATE of your choice for 2019!  Our 2019 cities are:  San Diego, Austin, Chicago and Nashville!

For more, visit elevateyourclassroom.com

We all know teachers love the Dollar Tree!

You can win a $50 gift card!

If you can’t find it on Amazon, you don’t need it!

You can win a $50 gift card to Amazon!

Teachers love pens and my newest favorite pens are Tul pens!  I love the colors and how well these write!   I love them so much I have a set in my office, in my classroom, in my work bag and in my travel bag!

You will win a set of Tul Pens!

And last but not least, we all know how important self care is for teachers.  This year I have really kicked my self care game into high gear thanks to our friends at Binhlam Aesthetics at Reflections Skin Spa right here in Nashville!   Thanks to our friends at Binhlam Aesthetics, I am getting mouthy HydraFacials and taking care of my skin with SkinCeutical products.  I’ve also had amazing results with CoolSculpting and EMSculpt to help my body!   I

You will win a daily moisturizer and a B5 Hydrating gel ($200value!) 

Now I know you want to win my favorite things, so use the Rafflecopter below to enter!

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