Kindergarten Games With Sit Spots

Wanna know a secret?  Kids love to play games.  True story.  And when kids are playing games, they’re having fun and learning!  Most of the time they don’t even know they’re learning because they are too busy having fun. And that’s the whole idea of our kindergarten games using SitSpots.

What Are SitSpots?


SitSpots are these amazing shapes that stick to the carpet like Velcro.  But only better.  I love the many shapes and colors of SitSpots but I really love that they can’t easily be peeled off the carpet by curious little hands (and the occasional vacuum that comes through the classroom…).

Classroom Management With SitSpots

One thing that SitSpots are great for is classroom management!   This year our class size was a little big for our circle carpet. Instead of cramming everyone on the carpet (which would go well….”he’s touching me…”  “stop bumping me…”) I placed SitSpots around the outside of the circle so each child has a spot and we have more space!

kindergarten games

Kindergarten Games With SitSpots

SitSpots are also a fun and versatile way to make engaging kindergarten games for your class!   We use our SitSpots for math and literacy games that can be reused over and over again!

We use SitSpots numbers to make a giant number line in the classroom.  The number line stays in our classroom all year and is used for lots of games:  number recognition, counting on, addition, subtraction, counting back and more!

kindergarten math games

Check out this post to see how we use our SitSpots to practice counting on!

kindergarten number line

One of the staples of our class is music and dancing.  It’s almost a requirement that you dance.  So why not mix dancing and SitSpots to practice sight words?  Simply write sight words on SitSpots.  Place the SitSpots on the carpet.  Play music.  Students walk around the circle until the music stops.  When the music stops they read the word they’re standing on!

We also use our SitSpots to make kindergarten games for math!   SitSpots has this awesome tape that we use to make a giant ten frame on the floor!

We use paper plates to make the ten frame and practice counting.  We also use our ten frame to practice making 10 and adding!  The ten frame stays on the floor all year so we can use it whenever we want!

Another kindergarten game we use our SitSpots tape for is Get On My Boat and Get Off My Boat!  These games are how we introduce and practice addition and subtraction!

Simple use the SitSpots tape to make a boat on the floor!

Check out this little video of SitSpots in our classroom!

Make sure to visit SitSpots and grab your SitSpots and start creating your own kindergarten games!


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