February Lesson Plans

February is a busy month with Black History Month, Groundhog Day, Valentine’s Day, Dental Health Month and President’s Day!   That’s means there are so many opportunities for learning and engagement with some great February Lesson Plans!  This post will share activities and resources for teeth and President’s Day!

February Lesson Plans:  Teeth

For dental health month, we use our Teeth Research Project to learn about teeth, dentists and even the tooth fairy!

february lesson plans

For this research project, we read books and create graphic organizers.  The students then write about teeth and dental health in their tooth research journal!

We also graph how many of us have lost a tooth!

And we even paint with a toothbrush!

Tooth Bulletin Board

We also do a fun tooth bulletin board!  Take a photograph of your students smiling.  Only show their teeth and smile!  Print the photographs and display them on a bulletin board and see if students can figure out which picture is them!

We also incorporate teeth into our math and literacy centers with our Show Me Your Teeth Center resource!

February Lesson Plans:  President’s Day

Another lesson we work on in February is President’s Day.  We focus on Abraham Lincoln and George Washington and what we would do if we were President.

For President’s Day, we use our Presidential Research Project!

presidents day

We compare and contrast Abraham Lincoln and George Washington with a double bubble chart!

We also draw George And Abe!

We also make masks for Abe and George using paper plates, construction paper, and cotton balls!

We also incorporate some math with a coin toss graphing activity!  Students toss a penny and graph heads and tails!

President's Day Kindergarten

And we also make a Presidential snack by building a log cabin with banana and graham crackers!

President’s Day Sensory Bin

We also incorporate a President’s Day Sensory Bin with red, white, and blue pasta and coins!

Also check out our Read It Up: Grace For President creation!

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