Living And Non-Living: Schedulin Sunday

Happy Schedulin’ Sunday!  This week we are starting our newest  research project on living and non-living things, starting  Vowel Teams Bootcamp to learn about vowel teams,  and decomposing and composing numbers!

Lesson Plans For Living And Non-Living, Vowel Pairs and Composing Numbers

   Click the image to download my lesson plans!

kindergarten lesson plans

Morning Meeting

This week our morning greeting is our mingle greeting.  We simply walk around for 1 minute greeting each other!

For more morning meeting greeting ideas, check out our  Morning Meeting Greeting Resource.

morning meeting greeting ideas

For morning meeting activities, check out our  Quiz Quiz Trade.  You can find our Quiz Quiz Trade resource here!

quiz quiz trade

Phonics:  ING WORDS


This week we are working with ING words and meeting THE KING OF ING!  We’re using our King Of Ing creation!  We will make a circle chart, we will build, read and write words!  And of course, use our decodable readers to practice reading ing words in context!

Living And Non-Living Research Project

In keeping with our district’s scope and sequence, we’re starting our newest research project on living and non-living things!

living and non-living

This week we’re learning what living and non-living things need.  We’re discussing how to care for living things and sorting living and non-living things.  We’re also going no a scavenger hunt and comparing and contrasting earth worms and gummy worms!

Here are the books we are reading this week:

Math:  Decomposing And Composing Numbers

In math we are working on decomposing and decomposing numbers.  This is a skill we work on to help us with addition and subtraction.

We will be using our Math It Up:  Decomposing Numbers: Number bonds  resource and our Snappin’ Numbers Creation!

making 10 lesson plans

We will use red and yellow counters to make 10.  I made giant red and yellow counters from foam and I model how to make 5 or 10 in whole group.  The students then practice on their own.


We use Legos to build towers of numbers and then we break them apart to decompose numbers.  We then use two colors of Legos to build towers to compose numbers.


For center activities for decomposing numbers, check out this creation:

Read It Up:  Grace For President

This week we will be using our Read It Up: Grace For President.  Our Read It Up creations allow us to really focus on reading comprehension skills with a focus on responding to text in writing and through discussions.

reading comprehension lesson plans


For more information on reading comprehension, check out this post:

Foodie Fun Friday

This week we will make Lego cookies!  We will use food to make 10 and then eat the cookies!


These are the creations we are using in our classroom this week!


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