Ocean Animals: Schedulin Sunday

Happy Schedulin’ Sunday!  This week we are starting our HUGE three week ocean animals and animal habitats research project with lots of ocean animals activities!  We are focusing on an animal a day, the animals habitats and threats to the habitat.  We just wrapped up our zoo animals project, so I’m excited for 3 more weeks of animals!  We’re also working on OY/OI words with Vowel Teams Bootcamp and working on subtraction to 10 with some fun games!

Lesson Plans For Ocean Animals, OY/OI Words and Subtraction To 10!

   Click the image to download my lesson plans!

ocean week lesson plans


Morning Meeting

This week our morning greeting is our shark greeting!  We play the Jaws theme as we walk around the circle with our shark fin until we “bite” a friend and greet that friend.

For more morning meeting greeting ideas, check out our  Morning Meeting Greeting Resource.

morning meeting greeting ideas

For morning meeting activities, check out our  Quiz Quiz Trade.  You can find our Quiz Quiz Trade resource here!

quiz quiz trade

Phonics:  Vowel Teams Bootcamp OI/OY Words

This week we are continuing Vowel Teams Bootcamp with oi/oy words!   We will read oi/oy words with our circle charts, build and read words with the spelling pattern.   We will also  focus on writing the spelling pattern each day.  In small groups, we will continue using our decodable readers to build fluency.  (The decodable readers are included in Vowel Teams Bootcamp)

Ocean Animals Research Project :

In keeping with our district’s scope and sequence, we are continuing our next three week animal unit with ocean animals.  We will focus on habitats, threats to habitats and how each animal is interconnected.  The culminating task for this unit is to write a friendly letter to our principal explaining a threat to an animal and how we can help.

This week we are learning about seals, jellyfish, octopuses, whales and coral reef.   Each day we will use a read aloud to research about animals and animal habitats.  The students share their learning on our graphic organizer and then write about the ocean animals in their research journals.  As part of the writing, students will draw the animal in their habitat.

We will also label the animal and do a directed drawing of the animal!


For more detail on our Ocean Animals Research Project, visit this post:


For more information on our zoo animals research project, check out this post:

Read It UP:  The Old Lady Who Swallowed A Cow

We’re using our  Read It Up:  The Old Lady Who Swallowed A Cow this week to work on comprehension skills!

kindergarten comprehension

To see what our Read It Up creations include for The Old Lady books, check out this post:


For more information on reading comprehension, check out this post:

Here are the animal books we are reading this week:

Math:  Subtraction To 10

In math we are practicing subtraction to 10. 

We will be using Get Off My Boat to practice subtraction to 10!

subtraction to 10

Get Off My Boat is an engaging, concrete activity practice subtraction to 10.  Start by making a boat on the floor.  We use our GENUINE SitSpots tape to make our boat.  We write an equation on the board and the correct number of students on the boat.  Then some kids get off the boat.  Students solve the equation.

Check out our subtraction game here:

Foodie Fun Friday

This week we will make submarine snack using Twinkies, a straw and Fruit Loops!



These are the creations we are using in our classroom this week!

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