Differentiated Math Activities: Plastic Eggs

As a teacher, we are always looking for cheap, easy ways to bring differentiated math activities into the classroom. That’s why THIS teacher loves plastic Easter eggs. And by loves them, I mean hoard them. And buy more every year. Because, well, what if they stop making them and now I have a secret stash! Anyway, back to using plastic eggs for differentiated math activities!

I found these AMAZING number eggs at Wal-Mart for $2 for a dozen eggs. The eggs are PRE NUMBERED from 1 -12. As soon as I saw them, I grabbed about 15 packs because my mind went crazy with ideas!

differentiated math activities

PS: I also bought the cute unicorn eggs. Because. Unicorns.

So here’s what we did with the eggs. This was so easy, I literally opened the package and copied a recording sheet. And bam. Differentiated math activities!

Differentiated Math Activities: Adding To 5

First, I separated the numbers because I wanted two activities: one with sums to 10 and one with sums to 20. For sums to 10, I used the eggs numbered 1-5. I took the eggs apart. Students choose two pieces, snap them together, and solve the equation.

Differentiated Math Activities: Adding To 20

We did the same thing with the eggs numbered 6-12. We took them apart. Students pick any two pieces, snap them together and add. With these bigger numbers, they use counters to help them solve the equations!

Grab your free recording sheet by clicking the image below!

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