Word Work With Plastic Eggs

It’s that time of year again. Plastic egg time.  The stores are full of them.  So many colors.  And styles.  Ya’ll I just cannot stop buying those plastic Easter eggs.  Especially after Easter when they’re on sale for like 10 cents.  So this year I am on a mission to use all of the eggs I have.  And then I found emoji eggs so of course I bought more eggs.  BUT I will use all of the egss.  Must.  Use.  All.  Eggs.   So today I’m going to show you some ideas for plastic egg word work activities!    These activities are differentiated and can be adapted in a variety of ways!

Our first plastic egg word work idea is using onset and rime to build words!

First, I pulled the eggs apart.  (When I was a kid the plastic eggs were not attached like they are now….kids these days just don’t know…).

Then I labeled one half of the egg with the onset and the second half of the egg with the rime.

Finally, I numbered the eggs so students could write their words on the recording sheet.

easter egg word work

Students snap the pieces of the plastic Easter eggs together to build words.

onset and rime with plastic eggs

And then they write their words on their recording sheets!

plastic egg word work

Our second plastic egg word work idea is CVC word building using Scrabble tiles!

These awesome eggs are from the Dollar Tree!   I love that they have a base so they stand and that they are see through!  These are in a package of 3 eggs for $1.

 I ordered two sets of tiles to make sure that I had plenty of letters!

(Click here to get your Scrabble tiles!)

easter egg word building

Place the letter tiles for the words you want students to build into the egg.  Students can shake the egg to figure out the word or they can open the egg and arrange the letters to build CVC words!    PRO TIP:  Flip your tiles over and number them.  And number the eggs.  So WHEN (not if….trust me…I learned the hard way….) someone drops the bag of eggs and they all pop open and all of the letters mix up, you’ll be able to fix it super easy!!

cvc words plastic eggs

Finally they write their words on the recording sheet.  The recording sheet has pictures of the  words we’re building to provide some scaffolding for the students.

work work ideas with plastic eggs

Our third plastic egg word work idea is CVC-E word building with emoji eggs!

These emoji eggs are simply amazing.  My class is OBSESSED with all things emoji.  So why not give them some emoji eggs to work with!  These emoji eggs are from Wal-Mart and cost $1-$2 for 12 eggs.  (These could be used all year long too!)

Again, I used our Scrabble tiles but for this activity we’re building CVC-E words!

Place the tiles for the words into the eggs.  (Remember, number them to keep them organized!)

cvc-e word work with plastic eggs

Students crack the eggs open and build the cvc-e word.

emoji eggs cvc-e words

And finally, they write the word on their paper.  Again, we included the pictures to provide some scaffolding!

word work with plastic eggs

Now, when I found these emoji eggs at Wal-Mart, I also discovered these……and I bought every. single. package.

Yep.  Those are poop emoji (or chocolate ice cream emoji!) eggs!   My kids are obsessed with that emoji.  So if they’re obsessed, why not use that to my advantage to make an engaging word work activity?!

Again, just placed the letter tiles for cvc-e words into the eggs.  Students open the eggs, build the word and write the word!

Plastic Egg Word Work Recording Sheets

Get your FREE recording sheets on the FREEBIES page by clicking the images!

plastic egg word work plastic egg word work plastic egg word work

You can also check out my Crackin’ Eggs creations for more EGG themed fun!

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