Families: Schedulin’ Sunday

This week is all about our families, week 4 of ABC BOOTCAMP and NUMBER BOOTCAMP and counting to 20!

ABC BOOTCAMP And Families Lesson Plans

As ALWAYS, our lesson plans are free to download. This year, we’ve modified the format to show the live teaching we’re doing and the self-paced learning the kids will do. When we return to in-person learning, we will switch back to the regular lesson plan format. If you’re interested in previous lesson plans, we have 7 years of our lesson plans in our Resource Center at the top of this page!


Click the picture above to view and/or download my year-long plan for this year. You can see the order in which I am introducing letters during ABC Bootcamp this year. We’re following district guidelines for intros this year, however, you can go in any order you would like. Studies have shown the outcome is the same…the students MASTER their letters and sounds within 26 days!!


We’re continuing ABC BOOTCAMP this week! That means one letter and sound a day for the next 26 days! And yes, we’re doing it virtually during our live teaching block. Also this year, once again, we’re adhering to a new phonics curriculum for our district so we are doing a different order. Normally we go A-Z but this year we are following the order of our new phonics curriculum. So, this week we’re doing E B L R U.

The circle charts will be the center of our instruction as always. The students will provide the words, I’ll provide the amazing drawings. Ya’ll. The drawings are the fun part. Do you best and make it fun! We will also do handwriting and of course, the world-famous, ABC BOOTCAMP hats!

This week’s hats are: elephant, bee, ladybug, rainbow and the every popular underwear hat!


Research Project: Families

This week we are celebrating families with our Families Research Project. This is always a great way to learn about our students and their families and it always engages the students because they enjoy sharing about their families. This year, thanks to Vera at The Tutu Teacher, we are making our research project much more inclusive. We are reading books about all kinds of families including families of color, same-sex families, adoptive families, and more.

Each day we create a circle chart about families, who is in our families, what our family does together, and how our family irritates us. The students then draw and write about their family in their Families Research Journal.

We also graph how many people are in our families.

Read It Up: And Tango Makes Three

As part of our Family Research Project, we also read the book And Tango Makes Three. This story holds a special place in our family and in our classroom because we read this book to my class in 2018 when we announced to them that we were adopting Adeylnn. This book allowed them to completely understand adoption. It’s a great addition to a unit on families!

You can see the video of the announcement here:

We have several Read It Up creations that are perfect for an inclusive unit on families:

Math: Number Bootcamp

This week we’re working on numbers and counting with Number Bootcamp. This week is numbers 15-19.

As with all of our TKS BOOTCAMP curriculum, the circle charts are the center of our instruction. We look for various representation of the numbers to put on our circle chart. We’re also building our 1 to 1 correspondence, counting skills and math vocabulary because we’re learning the name of each number representation.

This week we will be working on numbers and counting to 20 using our Math It Up: Counting Trucks. We will use a Tonka Trunk and rocks to count! This lesson worked great last year because of the sound of the rocks hitting the truck so I hope it works well virtually!

We start this week reading the book 20 Big Trucks In The Middle Of The Street.

Here is a video of using the digital and printed version. I am using the digital version to model counting and the students are using the printed version to count. (NOTE: I deliver weekly packets so they have the printed materials at home. Please see our FAQ blog post for details on our virtual teaching.)

Mad Scientist Friday

YES!!! Science is happening. Students will watch and participate live. They will make predictions/hypothesis and I will conduct the experiments and then we will discuss the results!

This week we are doing disappearing colors!

Here is a video of our virtual Mad Scientist Friday :

Sight Word Reader

This week our sight word reader is about families! We use these readers to build fluency and work on our concepts of print!

These are the resources we’re using this week:

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