Virtual Learning Supply Kit

We are starting the school year in a virtual setting. The entire district is 100% distance learning until at least Labor Day. I want to support my students and their families and give them the tools they need to be successful so we created a tool kit for the families.

Virtual Learning Tool Kit

To build the kid as cheaply as possible I gathered materials from my classroom. The only things I purchased were the pencil boxes, the containers for the glue sponges, and sponges. Everything else was already in our classroom. So, my advice is to start with what you have in the classroom. Also, I’ve seen several teachers use Donors Choose to get materials funded. You can also ask for donations or do an Amazon Wishlist!

I delivered (safely…in a mask and remaining 6 feet away) the tool kits to families as a way to meet the students and start building those relationships! Will the stuff come back? Maybe. Maybe not. I will figure that out when the time comes. Right now, we’re trying to make this as easy as possible on the families.

Here’s what we included in our toolkit:

We included a personalized lollipop for the kids! The lollipops are from Laura Kelly Designs! Check her site out for lollipops, cute masks for teaching, note cards, and more!

We also included a note to explain each piece and how we would use it! (These are just for inspiration and reference and aren’t available to download!)

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Need something to teach students how to use their supplies? Check out our School Supply Research Project! It’s available in printable and digital versions!

For more information on virtual teaching and distance learning, check out these posts:

For resources, materials, and resources for your classroom, check out our online store!

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