Schedulin Sunday: Ocean Animals And AR Words

Happy Schedulin Sunday! This week we are continuing our major 4 week unit on animals! We’re doing zoo animals, rainforest animals, and ocean animals! We are 3 weeks into this unit and the engagement and learning have been amazing to watch! This week we’re doing Vowel Teams Bootcamp with AR words, and working on addition to 10 using giant playing cards!

Lesson Plans: Ocean Animals And AR Words

As always, you can download our weekly lesson plans here!

You can grab our editable lesson plan templates here:

Research Projects: Ocean Animals Research Project

This week we continue our animal extravaganza with ocean animals. We will be using our Ocean Animals Research Project!

As with most of our TKS Research Projects, we kick off with our schema map. Students share their schema and we add new learning as we learn about oceans!

We learn about a different animal each day. We read about the animal, complete a graphic organizer, write about the animal, label the animal and draw the animal.

For each animal, we also do an art project!

This week, we’re learning about sharks, crabs, octopuses, and jellyfish! Click the image to see our ocean books on Amazon!

All of our directed drawings are from my uber-talented friend and teammate! Check her out on TPT!

TKS BOOTCAMP: Vowel Teams Bootcamp

This week we’re continuing our TKS BOOTCAMP with Vowel Teams Bootcamp! This is when we work with vowel teams or vowel pairs. We spend a week on each vowel team or vowel pairs. This week we’re working on the AR pattern! We figured that AR words would be perfect since we’re learning about sharks!

We start with a circle chart just like we do in every TKS BOOTCAMP, then we work on word building and word writing!

We use our decodable readers daily in small groups so we have a daily focus on decoding.

Our final activity for the week is to put teeth into a shark!

Math: Addition To 10

This week in math, we are working on addition to 10. We will be using our Dealing With Math creation and giant playing cards! Our focus this week is on students using different strategies to solve equations (using their fingers, manipulatives, counting on, and mental math!).

You can get the giant playing cards on Amazon by clicking HERE!

This week we’re also measuring ocean animals using our Measuring The Ocean creation!

Mad Science Thursday

This week for Mad Science Thursday, we are doing soda science! We will use Mentos to make sodas explode. We predict which soda will shoot higher and then we observe the outcome!

Foodie Fun Friday

This week our Foodie Fun Friday snack is a submarine using Twinkies, a straw and Fruit Loops!

This week we are using these TKS Creations:


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