Subtraction: In The Bag Subtraction Activity

Kids love practicing math skills by playing games!  I love easy prep games that can be used in whole group lessons and then turned into a center activity.  This subtraction lesson is great for working on subtraction and involves higher-order thinking because students are sorting the equations!


Subtraction Is In The Bag 

 So you will need  10 paper bags labeled 0-10, subtraction flashcards, and a recording sheet.
Place the bags in a spot that’s easily accessible.
kindergarten subtraction lessons
Place your flashcards into a container.
Students choose a card, solve the subtraction equation and place it in the correct bag.
kindergarten subtraction activities
We did this in a very quick rotation.  I called 3 students at a time and as soon as one finished, I called the next one.  No one had much downtime between turns.  The fast pace helped keep everyone engaged and focused!
After all the flashcards have been sorted, we checked to see if we were right.
I pulled the cards out of the bag and we solved the equations whole group!
Students can record their answers on the recording sheet or on whiteboards.

Here’s a LIVE video of this game in action!



Just click on the picture to get your subtraction freebies!


For more subtraction resources, check out these creations!

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