Kindergarten Math Lessons With Cookies

The key to a successful kindergarten math lesson is making the lesson concrete and hands-on! And you want to make it fun! What can be more engaging and fun than cookies and counting?!

These activities are all from our Cookie Counting creation and use chocolate chip cookies and Cookie Crisp cereal!

Counting Cookies

We start with a whole group lesson, by….wait for it…counting cookies. I put chocolate chip cookies on a plate and we practice counting using one-to-one correspondence!

Next, we use ten frames to work on one-to-one correspondence. After counting the cookies on the plates, students use Cookie Crisp cereal to count. We also work on number recognition by displaying number cards and having students make the number on the ten frames. And then we EAT the cereal!

Another activity to help us understand how many are matching quantities. Students work with a partner and find the cards with matching quantities.

All of these activities are great for small group work too! We also practice counting and number recognition with cookie counting math centers!

You can see these lessons in action with these kindergarten math videos!

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