Schedulin Sunday: Hopes And Dreams, Germs And ABC BOOTCAMP!

Here’s some advice from Mr. Greg: never move the first week of school. Trust me. Don’t do it. This week’s Schedulin Sunday might be a big abbreviated because we closed on our new home Friday (August 12) and we’ve been moving all weekend so you can imagine how tired we are. But we all know that we have to be prepped and ready for the kids on Monday, so Schedulin Sunday charges on! This week we’re starting ABC BOOTCAMP, continuing Number Bootcamp, working on reading comprehension and friendship, learning about germs, and making cookies!

Lesson Plans

As always, you can download our weekly lesson plans by clicking on the image!

You can get our EDITABLE lesson plan template by clicking on the image below:


We kick off our district-mandated foundational skills curriculum this week along with ABC BOOTCAMP! We complete district required curriculum and supplement it with ABC BOOTCAMP as part of our phonics and phonemic awareness lessons. ABC BOOTCAMP is aligned to the science of reading, is research-based, and uses best practices. And it’s FUN AND HIGHLY EFFECTIVE! How effective? After 26 days, classrooms see an average of 80% mastery of sounds and letters!

Students are encouraged to bring in objects for each sound. We say the word (building vocabulary), identify the sound (phonemic awareness), spell the sound, and write the sound (phonics) and Mr. Greg draws the picture. If students don’t bring an object, we just brainstorm words for each sound. The objects help overcome language and vocabulary barriers. And yes, YOU MUST DRAW THE PICTURES! It’s a key part of ABC BOOTCAMP. The pictures connect the sound to known words/objects which is necessary for students to learn sounds!

Reading Comprehension

We will read the book, Wild About Books and discuss how books help us learn, we will discuss text evidence by comparing pictures in the book and discuss what we know about books and what books help us do!

We will read Miss Bindergarten Gets Ready For Kindergarten and discuss all the names in the book, identify the first letter of each name and make our class name chart! We say each child’s name and the first letter and we add the name to our chart!

This week we also do our torn paper names which is great for name recognition and working on our fine motor skills!

We also read The Recess Queen and discuss how to be good friends!

Germs Research Project

Kids are full of germs so we spend some time at the beginning of the year learning about germs and how to stay healthy! We use a read-aloud and create a can/have/are chart about germs.

Then we learn how to wash our hands the right way! After sequencing how to wash our hands, we use Glo Germ Soap to see if we can get all the germs off our hands!

Hopes And Dreams

This week we also do our hopes and dreams. This is when the kids share what they want to learn in kindergarten! We read the book Big Plans and talk about our big plans (which isn’t available but we have a recording of me reading it!) We record every answer they share and I use this all year to plan lessons and activities!


We continue NUMBER BOOTCAMP this week!

As part of our Number Bootcamp, we learn to explicitly write the numbers!

number bootcamp

This year our district is using Illustrative Math as our math curriculum. We will be completing those lessons and supplementing them with our Math It Up! resources. This week’s lessons are about exploring various math manipulatives: counting blocks, red and yellow counters, and geo-blocks! We’re also introducing five frames so we will be using our brand-new Math It Up! creation:

Foodie Fun Friday

Grab our Foodie Fun Friday creation for all the details and directions for these and 34 recipes!

This week we are making pencil cookies!

Grab Your Freebie HERE:

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