Schedulin Sunday: Stone Soup, Adding To 10, CVC Words, and Thanksgiving

It’s Schedulin Sunday! This week is going to be packed with learning, fun, art, and more! We’re continuing with Word Family Bootcamp. We’re introducing addition to 10. We are reading different versions of stone soup and doing some Thanksgiving art projects and writing about being thankful.

Lesson Plans

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Phonics And Phonemic Awareness Word Family Bootcamp

We are following our required foundational skills curriculum. And we are supplementing with our TKS BOOTCAMP Word Family Bootcamp! Our foundational skills curriculum really starts to focus on segmenting, word chaining and blending, and writing words using sounds. This is exactly what we do with our science of reading aligned Word Family Bootcamp! Each week we do two-word families. Day 1 is a circle chart that includes segmenting sounds, spelling words, and blending words. Day 2 is word building and writing which is more segmenting, more spelling, and more blending with a focus on writing the words so we’re mapping the sound to the spelling.

We also use our decodable texts in small groups to work on the skills in text.

Reading Comprehension-The Year At Maple Hill Farm

This week we are using our required reading curriculum by reading the book The Year At Maple Hill Farm and working on notice and wonder and key details. We supplement with our Read It Up! resource. We are required to do 3 lessons a week so that’s what we do, except this week is 2 lessons because we’re a lesson ahead of schedule! We focus on the “learn” section of each lesson and use our research project to scaffold and support student learning!

After reading the book (which is a VERY complex text for kindergarten) the students turn and talk to share what they notice in the pictures AND what they notice from listening to the words. Next, we share our questions or wondering. We use our wonder wheel to help us generate wonderings.

Day 2 we read the story again. We discuss the four seasons. Students share key details about the seasons from the book and from real life! This helps them make the seasons more concrete and understandable.

What we noticed last year was that the seasons was hard for the kids to grasp. The curriculum doesn’t do much at all to explain or teach about seasons so we are using our Four Seasons Research Project throughout the next two weeks to help us understand seasons better so we can understand this text better!

Read It Up: Stone Soup

Stone Soup has been a Thanksgiving tradition in our classroom for almost 15 years. The story of stone soup is perfect for Thanksgiving because it focuses on helping one another, kindness, and being grateful for what we have. And it means we get to make stone soup! Each day we read a different version of the story and add the details to our story map. To complete our story map, we use a picture of the cover for each version of the story and we fill in the details using sticky notes. Students create their own story map for each version as well.

Another thing about stone soup that I love is that you can incorporate so many different cultures with the various versions of the books. You can check out our stone soup books by clicking the image below:

Click HERE or click the images to see our books on Amazon

We end our stone soup unit by making our own stone soup. We really make vegetable soup and add a stone! We also make our own butter using heavy whipping cream and salt!


This year our district is using Illustrative Math as our math curriculum. We will be completing those lessons and supplementing them heavily with our Math It Up! creations. This week we’re introducing addition to 10. The curriculum basically has us adding groups of objects and pictures all week. We also pull in ten frames for adding. We will put most of our focus on adding OBJECTS because we know that the hands-on lessons are more effective. We will be using the activities and lessons from our Math It Up! Addition To 10 resource!

Day 1-adding groups. We use a GIANT inflatable duck for a fun prop. We put groups of kids on the duck and we add! Very concrete. Very visual. Very engaging. And by the end of the lesson, 99% of the kids have a good understanding of adding.

Day 2-adding objects. The students will practice adding by putting ducks in the “pond” or on the ten frames. Students will do it with their ducks and I’ll model using large ducks.

Day 3-5 will be small group focused and will have lots of hands-on practice adding ducks in the pond or ten frame!


Of course, we’re going to spend time this week sharing what we’re thankful for and doing some fun turkey art projects!

Thanksgiving Art Projects

We’re doing some fun turkey art projects this week!

First up, abstract turkeys! Students use strips of brown paper to make an abstract turkey!

We’re also doing a new version of our paper plate turkey. The students will sponge paint their paper plates using orange, brown, and yellow. Then they will add a head, eyes, beak, and wattle to their turkey!

And of course, the turkey costume arrives this week!

Mad Scientist Thursday

This week our hands-on science lesson is cranberries! We predict if cranberries sink or float! Then we test our hypothesis! And we even eat cranberries!

And yes, you must dress the part!

Morning Meeting

Greeting-turkey greeting-we use a PowerPoint with a turkey that “runs” away. When the turkey runs away, we greet the student whose picture is revealed!

Activity-find the clothespin. Clip the clothespin on a child. When you see the clothespin you sit down.


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