Schedulin Sunday: Gingerbread Week

It’s Schedulin Sunday! It’s the last week before winter break so the kids will need to be peeled off the ceiling daily. They will be so excited so we’re going to embrace the magic and excitement of the season and have a week full of fun and learning and gingerbread!

Lesson Plans

I didn’t write lesson plans this week because…well, with assemblies, and assessments, and dress-up days I figured we’d plan some stuff but not write lesson plans so we can be very flexible. But you can still download all of our lesson plans for this year by clicking on the link! (We actually have 8 years of plans you can download by clicking on RESOURCE CENTER at the top of this page!)

NOTE: when you download the free lesson plans, all images are CLICKABLE so you can simply click on any book or resource to get more information!

You can get our EDITABLE lesson plan template by clicking on the image below:

Phonics And Phonemic Awareness Word Family Bootcamp

We are following our required foundational skills curriculum. And we are supplementing with our TKS BOOTCAMP Word Family Bootcamp! Our foundational skills curriculum really starts to focus on segmenting, word chaining and blending, and writing words using sounds. This is exactly what we do with our science of reading aligned Word Family Bootcamp! We have worked our way through all of our Word Families and I am once again so proud of my class and how well they’re reading and writing CVC words! We just completed our required assessment from our required curriculum and we are at 81% mastery of CVC words! All students showed growth in their ability to blend words, segment sounds, and spell words. This week we will be using Word Family Bootcamp to continue practicing CVC words and focusing on words with e and i as the medial vowel as well as the final sound.

We also use our decodable texts in small groups to work on the skills in text.

Reading Comprehension-Gingerbread Stories

This week we are using celebrating all things gingerbread! We’re reading different versions of the story. We’re doing STEM activities, math activities, and art projects!

We will make a chart to compare and contrast the different stories. Students will work on their own story maps for the stories and use those to retell the story to their friends.

We will do our own gingerbread stories by writing about something we would run from. We will generate ideas and then do our writing and drawing.


We are wrapping up our math unit on introducing addition and subtraction so this week we will be using our Get On My Boat, Get Off My Boat, Adding Cars and Subtracting Cars resources in small groups.

For whole group lessons, we will be adding and subtracting candy from the gingerbread cookie!

We will be making these fun gingerbread cookies in the oven for an art project!

The kids will work together to build a boat to help their gingerbread cookie safely cross the river. Then we test if the boats can float. We also test to see if the cookies sink or float.

We also graph out the first bite of a gingerbread cookie!

Here are some more fun things we’re doing this week:

Peppermint STEM! Students work together to see how tall they can stack their peppermints!

Morning Meeting

Greeting-ornament greeting-write students’ names on ornaments. Students choose an ornament and greet that friend.

Activity-Pass the ornament. Students will use spoons to pass around an ornament.


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