Schedulin Sunday: Teeth, Teen Numbers, President’s Day, And Past And Present

This week is a short week with a day of in-service and a field trip! So we’re going to be busy learning and having fun!

Lesson Plans

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Phonics And Phonemic Awareness: Blends Bootcamp


We are following our required foundational skills curriculum. And we are supplementing with our TKS BOOTCAMP Blends Bootcamp! Our foundational skills curriculum really starts to focus on segmenting, word chaining, blending, and writing words using blends and digraphs. This is exactly what we do with our science of reading-aligned Blends Bootcamp! Each week we do two blends. Day 1 is a circle chart that includes segmenting sounds, spelling words, and blending words. Day 2 is word building and writing, which is more segmenting, more spelling, and more blending, focusing on writing the words so we’re mapping the sound to the spelling.

This week we are continuing with digraphs! This week’s focus is on changing, spelling, and writing words with digraphs!

This week we’re doing our smack and spell activity which the kids LOVE!

We also use our decodable texts in small groups to work on the skills in text. I have seen so much growth in my student’s reading with these decodables. The kids love them and I love seeing their confidence and excitement as they read!

In small groups, we’re using our Word Mapping Mats to really help us segment, spell and read words! Since we started using these I’ve seen great improvement in my students’ ability to segment, spell and read words!

We’re also doing a lot of word chaining with CVC words and blends. Word chaining is when you change one sound to make new words. This phonics activity is one of the best for helping students blend and write words and understanding how words work. For these lessons, we’re using our Digital Word Building resource! This resource includes a PowerPoint file and a Google Slides file so it can be used on any device!

Dental Health Awareness Month

February is Dental Health Awareness month so this week we’re starting our Teeth Research Project. Now, this is my least favorite research project because teeth gross me out. There’s nothing worse than wiggly teeth. Ya’ll. I can. not. do. teeth. Anyway, we’re gonna have fun learning about teeth!

As always with our research projects, we start with a schema map!

We will create a can/have/are chart to learn about teeth.

This week we’re also going to learn how to brush our teeth! We’re going to brush eggs!

We are doing two teeth art projects! First, we’re painting teeth using white paint and a toothbrush!

We will also do a torn paper tooth project!

Math-Teen Numbers

This year our district is using Illustrative Math as our math curriculum. We will be completing those lessons and supplementing them heavily with our Math It Up! creations. This week the curriculum is about making teen numbers with ten and some more!

This week we’re using a lot of ten frames to work on teen numbers. A big focus is subitizing so we’re going to be using our subitizing cards and videos! We’re also working in small groups to make teen numbers using ten frames and counters!

Reading Comprehension: Past And Present

We are working on module 3 of our required curriculum. Our new module is about life in the past and present. This week we’re reading the book School Then And Now and Home Then And Now! We are using our Explore It Up resources to supplement our curriculum.

We are reading School Then And Now and doing key details from the books.

Black History Month

We are using our African American Heroes Research Project to learn about various heroes. We use our Heroes Research Projects all year long but we also want to honor Black History Month. This week we are learning about Oprah!

President’s Day

If you’re looking for resources for President’s Day, grab our President’s Day Research Project!

Morning Meeting

Greeting-toothbrush greeting-write names on toothbrushes, choose a toothbrush, greet the person

Activity-I have who has numbers to 20


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