It’s Halloween week!  Today we went to the pumpkin patch and picked the perfect pumpkins!  The straw maze through us for a loop.  It was highly entertaining watching 5 year olds try to navigate their way through the maze!   Field trips are a blast but I’m BEAT!

Who wants/needs a fun, simple Halloween writing activity????   This is a perfect writing activity

for Halloween week and also works great as a time filler!   I could also see this as a great center or station for your Halloween party!

 Halloween Writing:  What will my teacher be for Halloween?

I had a teammate snap a closeup picture of my face.  Printed copies for each of the ‘staches.  We discussed what Mr. Greg might be for Halloween….and off they went.
A princess….these ‘staches have me all figured out!
A chicken….
The Flash…
Frankenstein.  Interestingly I got several Frankensteins….do they see the me as some big green monster?!  HMMM
We had a blast with this super fun and simple writing activity.  Your class will love getting to dress you up for Halloween!!!!

Download the Freebie Below

halloween writing

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