Schedulin’ Sunday: Room On The Broom, Subtraction, CVC WORDS And More!

Week 12 of kindergarten is Halloweek week. Costumes. Sugar highs. Sugar crashes. It’s going to be fun and exhausting. And of course, we’re gonna learn some stuff too!

Lesson Plans

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We have a required foundational skills curriculum that we follow and supplement with our TKS BOOTCAMP resource, especially for extra practice and small group work! Our TKS BOOTCAMP curriculum works with ALL curriculums or as a stand-alone resource! This week, we are continuing Word Family Bootcamp to focus on CVC words, blending and decoding words, writing words, and lots of word chaining!

Word Family Bootcamp is about taking the sounds we learned in ABC BOOTCAMP and using them to read words. We do two word families a week. Day 1 is the circle chart, where we segment sounds, spell the word, and blend the word. We also discuss rhyming words. When working with the sounds, we use all 3 sounds in the word and practice smooth and bumpy blending. Day 2 is word blending, word chaining, and word writing. In small groups, we use decodable readers, word chaining, and look-alike words to differentiate instruction.

Word Family Bootcamp is an all-inclusive resource that is aligned to the science of reading! Word Family Bootcamp includes whole group lessons, small group lessons, decodable readers and centers!

We also have an intervention hour, and our team has decided to focus on beginning sounds using picture sorts! We are using our Beginning Sounds Picture Sorts resource! The students are now doing these independently. We review the sound on the page and then practice the words so we know what the words are. Then the students work on their own and I begin calling small groups.


Once again, this year, we’re using our required reading curriculum and supplementing it with our Read It Up! resources. This week, we are doing the end-of-unit task. We do this in small groups. However, during this task, there is no actual reading, so we will be adding in read-alouds throughout the week.

Monday will be Room On The Broom! Who doesn’t love this book?! We will use the story to work on sequencing!

Tuesday is, of course, Halloween, so we will use our newest Read It Up! creation for The Old Lady Who Swallowed A Ghost! We will again be practicing our sequencing!

And starting Wednesday, we switch gears to all things turkeys and Thanksgiving! We will read There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Turkey! We will sequence the story, discuss real and fantasy, write about cooking turkeys, and more!


Our district has adopted a new math curriculum (AGAIN!), so we’re trying to figure it out because it’s a lot, and it’s not aligned with our state standards, so there’s that. We’re using the curriculum and supplementing it with our MATH IT UP! resources!

This week, we’re continuing addition and subtraction! We’ve been practicing these skills for a couple of weeks, and I am impressed with how well the kids are doing! This week is more focused on the equations! But we have two days to do some extra stuff, so we are GETTING OFF THE BOAT!

Get off my boat and get on my boat are the best for introducing and practicing addition and subtraction. Why? It’s hilarious and gets the kids involved in the math, so they grasp the concepts. We made a boat on the floor using Sit Spots tape.

For subtraction, we GET OFF MY BOAT! I have some kids get on the boat. I make some kids get off the boat. And that’s the answer.

For GET ON MY BOAT, we have some kids on the boat and some swimmers swimming around the boat. I yell, “SHARK,” and the swimmers jump on the boat. We count to find our answer!

Since this week’s focus is equations, I’ll have the kids write the equations on their papers!

To see these in action, check out the videos!

We will also be using our required curriculum lessons after Halloween.

The first lesson is about subtracting pizza slices. So, here’s my plan: I’m making a pizza pan out of poster board. I’m going to make slices of pizza. I’ll write the equation on the board. The students will put that number of slices on the pizza pan and then remove the correct number. The class will write and solve the equations on their whiteboards.

We’re also subtracting fish so our team decided to use goldfish! And subtracting books so we will use real books and take them away!


Tuesday is Halloween. Yes, we’re dressing up! Yes, we will have a party. And we’re doing our favorite activity with pumpkins! Each child gets a pie pumpkin. We clean out the pumpkins, fill them with potting soil, and plant a flower!

Mad Science Thursday

This week, for Mad Science Thursday, we’re making slime!

Art Project

This week, we’re making our rainbow turkeys!

Foodie Fun Friday

This week, we’re making turkey cookies using candy corn, sugar cookies, and chocolate frosting!



Click below for the resources we are using in our classroom this week.

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