Gingerbread Man Lessons

Raise your hand if you love gingerbread stories!  There are so many versions of the story that lend themselves to some great literacy activities as well as learning about different cultures—comparing and contrasting, sequencing, problem/solution, and more!   And they’re fun.  And kids love the gingerbread man stories.  For our gingerbread man theme, we use our Read It UP! Gingerbread Man creation!

Here’s another example of our gingerbread story map:


Students do their own story map and then write about their favorite version of the story!

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Gingerbread Man Centers, Readers & Poem

gingerbread ideas for kids

Check out these fun gingerbread activities for your classroom –

Gingerbread Man Subtraction

gingerbread math

Why not practice subtraction by baking and eating gingerbread cookies?    The students use these fun ninja bread man cookies to write and solve their own story problems.

First, we made a cookie sheet by gluing aluminum foil onto the construction paper.  Then we added our cookies.  Next, we ate the cookies by placing an X through the ones we ate.  Then we solved the equation and presented it to the class!

gingerbread kindergarten gingerbread

The ninja bread men are from Jen Hart Design!


Gingerbread Man Writing

After reading various versions of the books, we write our own version of the story where we get to become the gingerbread man.

First, we brainstorm all the different things we would run from if we were the gingerbread man!

gingerbread man writing

Then the students write their own gingerbread man story using their name.  So mine would start:  Gingerbread Greg….and then they write what they would run from. (Ya’ll…one year a little boy said he would run from his…penis.  TRUE STORY!)

Finally, we publish our writing by turning it into a gingerbread person.  Our writing is the body and we add a head, legs and arms to make a gingerbread man!

kindergarten writing gingerbread


This is always a fun art project to do.  You need construction paper and wax paper!

gingerbread man art

First, make a gingerbread cookie.  Next, make an oven.  Finally, put the gingerbread cookie in the oven!

And of course, you make gingerbread cookies!

gingerbread kindergarten

Gingerbread Man STEM

We use cookies to do some science and STEM lessons.  Since he wants to cross the river, we predict if he will sink or float.  Then we test our hypothesis by dropping the little guy into water. And we graph our data.   Next, we use aluminum foil to build a boat to safely get him across the water.  We test our boats and then write about what happened.  (These resources are included in our Read It Up creation!)


First Bite Graphing

This is always a class favorite.  Each student gets a cookie and they take 1 bite.  Then we graph our first bite!


More Math And Literacy Centers

Sensory Bin

gingerbread sensory bins

For our sensory bin, we made grown rice scented with ginger!  We added some ornaments from Amazon and used our Gingerbread Superheroes resource to differentiate the learning!


Gingerbread Man Reading Comprehension

This creation is designed to accompany different versions of gingerbread stories and is an all-inclusive resource. The activities in this reading resource allow students to build literacy and comprehension skills.

Click the image to learn more:

Gingerbread Freebie!

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