Dental Health Activities (Teeth!)

February is Dental Health Month; we celebrate our teeth with fun dental health activities. We learn about teeth, we learn to brush our teeth and we even use a toothbrush to paint! Also, it’s my least favorite thing to teach because wiggly teeth gross me out. I can handle anything and everything EXCEPT teeth!

Dental Health Activities

To learn about our teeth, we use our Teeth Research Project, which is packed with dental health activities and lesson plans!

We always start our research projects with a schema map. The students share their schema (what they know) about teeth. As we progress through our learning, we add new learning. And finally, at the end of our research project, we address our misconceptions.

We use read-alouds and videos to research and learn about teeth. As we learn, we add our learning to graphic organizers.

dental health activities for kids

The students use the graphic organizers we create to support them as they write, graph, sort, and label. The graphic organizers provide support and scaffolding as needed! The students do their work in their research journals!

dental health for kids
teeth activities for kids
dental health activities

Dental Health Activities: Brushing Your Teeth

For a hands-on science lesson, we learn about brushing our teeth! And we practice brushing our teeth….and by teeth….we mean eggs! We boil the eggs and soak them in soda or coffee overnight.

The students first brush with water and no toothpaste. Nothing much happens. So we discuss what this would do for our teeth. Then we add toothpaste, and we are able to brush the stains off!

dental hygiene for kids

Teeth Art Projects

Torn paper projects are a favorite in our class! They’re great for fine motor skills and always turn out so unique! For our torn paper tooth, I draw the tooth outline for the kids, and they do the rest!

I gave the students an outline of a tooth, and they used a toothbrush to paint the tooth! You can get toothbrushes at the Dollar Tree for 5 for $1.

dental health month lesson plans
teeth art projects

Dental Health Month Bulletin Board

Take a picture of your students’ smiles. Just the smiles. Hang the pictures on your bulletin board to see if students can identify which smile belongs to their friends!

dental health month bulletin board

Tooth Centers

Our Teeth centers are available in our Show Me Your Teeth center creation!

teeth activities for kids
dental health activities

Teeth Freebies

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