Classroom Organization Ideas: Teacher Binder

One of my constant struggles as an educator is classroom organization and I’m always looking for classroom organization ideas. I am not a very organized person. Period. And I know this has impacted my teaching and my classroom. So, in the last few years, I have really tried to get more organized. One way that I’ve done this is with a teacher binder. This binder has everything I need all in one place so it helps keep me organized.

Classroom Organization Ideas: Teacher Binder


Ya’ll! Trapper Keepers are back. And we love our ELEVATE YOUR CLASSROOM binders! Click the image to get yours! These are big enough to hold all the things and includes five tabs, two folders and a notepad!

Teacher Binder Organization

Here’s what is kept in my teacher binder and how I use it!

First is a class roster and our schedule. This information is handy in case I need it during meetings or if I’m working on something and need quick access to my student list!

classroom organization seating charts

Next, we have our color-coded dismissal chart. This chart is color-coded for our dismissal. Each of our dismissal types has a color assigned. This chart gives me a visual of that dismissal so I can instantly see what each child does for dismissal. Adding their pictures is also helpful. This is also a great resource for subs! We will use this for our split list. If I am absent with no sub, my class is split into the other kindergarten classes. On this chart is the teacher that they are assigned to for a split. This chart is packed with information and is easily updated as needed! To do this, we made a table in PowerPoint filled in with colors and added images!

classroom organization lesson plan templates

Then, we have our weekly lesson plans. We don’t have a required format, but our admin wants something written down. These help keep me organized and on track each week! Honestly, even if we didn’t have something, I would still keep making lesson plans because each day, I can look at my plans and see what is coming up. These keep me on track and are necessary for my classroom organization!

This is where we also keep our small group plans, notes, and information for center groups! For our small group information, we have our lesson plans, and we use our documentation notepads from Berteau And Co. I actually hole-punch the pages and insert them into my binder.

Next, we keep our student information sheets! I always know where these sheets are. In the past, I would need to call a family or get some information, and I could never remember where I put those sheets. Now I always know where they are!


At the end of the binder is some other information and extra copies of forms, notes, etc.

Classroom Organization Tools

Here are some other tools that I use for classroom organization!

Pencil pouch! These pouches are fun and keep all of my pens and sticky notes together! I keep this and my binder in my teacher tote bag!

Another tool I use a lot (and teachers and admin at my school utilize a lot) is a clipfolio. I use my clipfolio for my anecdotal notes organization. It’s with me when teaching so when I want to make a quick note about a student or students, I jot it down on the notepad or on sticky notes and stick the note in the clipfolio. I also keep a roster and include my color-coded seating chart!

Here are some of my favorite pens and markers to use in my teacher binder!


Visit this blog post to grab some freebies for your teacher binder!

Here is our Facebook live explaining how we use the binder!

Make sure to visit Berteau And Co. for your binder, clipfolios, notepads, tote bag, pencil pouch, and teacher planners!

For more information and to access our back-to-school documents, check out these posts!

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