My Summer Bucket List!

My summer officially begins Friday at 3:30.  But me being who I am,  I will be back at school next week working on some projects and working with the school leadership team to finish up our School Improvement Plan for our district.  After that I have a week of workshops and PD that I’m looking forward to.  And then I start my summer job at a daycare!  And of course I have a huge summer bucket list to work on!   Of course, that list includes a lot of school projects and lots of sun and sleep, but also preparing and planning for a life changing list!  Here is my “manly” summer bucket list!

1.  Wedding planning!  10/6/12 is the big day and we are well on our way to planning an amazing day!  We actually met with the florist tonight and we’re able to get the final major element nailed down!  And can I just say that our flowers are going to be AMAZING!

2.  School projects!  Of course, there are always school projects to work on and dream about working on.  I hope I can be very productive this summer and get some of my Pinterest finds made and ready for a new year! My overall goal is to get more organized, especially with my arch enemy, PAPER!  It’s everywhere.  It takes over.  It disappears runs away.  And it drives me crazy.  I will tame the beast!  I will.  I will.  I wi…I might.   With that said, here are a few of my projects.

3.  I plan to read!  We have a book study for school so of course I will read that book but I plan to do some fun reading too!  I am very excited to get to read some books on my IPad!  No judging of my reading choices allowed!  And yes, I am obsessed with Bravo and all things Andy Cohen and the Real Housewives! We all have our vices, right?!


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