And The Winner Is….

It has been a busy Saturday.  We went to this cute little restaurant in Music City called The Pfunky Griddle!  We’ve been wanting to go for a long time and we had some friends in from Memphis so we had a good reason to go!  This restaurant is super cool and fun because every table has it’s own griddle built in!!  You get to cook your own pancakes, eggs, and french toast!  It was so much fun!! 

 After that we ventured out in the heat to the Container Store and do you know that they no longer offer teacher’s a discount every day??  I know.  I gave them angry arms.  Teachers only get a discount at back to school time.  Hmph.  And then we sent to Sonic and they had big ice cubes, not the great Sonic ice.  Angry arms again. HMPH!   

Now I’m home and busy working away on my VERY FIRST UNIT!  And can I say I’m pretty nervous to post it because it’s my first effort at a unit!  It is based on the book Officer Buckle and Gloria!  This is one of my favorite books to use at the beginning of the year!  The kids love the book and really helps our discussions on rules and being safe.  It’s an especially great book for my classroom because our school rules are BE RESPECTFUL, BE RESPONSIBLE and BE SAFE!  This book is great for safety and being safe!    And it really seems to appeal to the boys which is always a good thing when it comes to books and reading!  You know us boys and our humor!  Something about people falling makes us snicker!  

Stay tuned for the unit!  It will have literature, math and social studies activities that are great for early in the school year!  There are also some cute craftivities and a writing activity!

I am giving you a freebie preview to wet your appetite!  Click on the picture to download your freebie!  


And now for the announcement of the BIG winner from my first ever giveaway!  Drumroll, please!  The winner is:  Michelle Kenney!!  Congratulations Michelle!  Check your email for you prizes!  Thanks everyone for entering and visiting my blog and leaving me great comments and advice!

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