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I’ve been blog stalking today!  It’s too hot to leave the house so we watched Hatfields and McCoys on History and I blog stalked all day.  Man, the ideas and inspiration I found are amazing.  I have decided to get a notebook and keep it with me so I can write down all of the ideas I find!  Or I could use my iPad.  I use this great note taking app called Notability!  If you have an iPad then you need this app.  You can write or type, select fonts, colors, papers, colors for papers and the best part is that you can set up categories and it is all color coded.

As I was blog stalking I ran across some new blogs!  I know how much it means to me when people share my blog, especially as i’m first starting out, so I wanted to return the favor!    Please visit these blogs and show them how much love is in teacher blog land!  And I hope you’ll keep spreading the word about my manly blog!  And tell everyone Smedley sent ya!





And while you’re stalking some great blogs, be sure to head to Krazee 4 Kindergarten and check out the cute letters, blends and digraph cards!!  I am super excited about using these in my classroom this year!  And tell her Smedley sent ya!

And I am linking up with Farley at Oh Boy Fourth Grade for my July Currently!

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