I Have Who Has FREEBIE

Today is my first “official” day back at work!  We start our in-service today.  I have on my excited face…you just can’t see it!

Just a quick post today (hello!  I’m blogging from my classroom!)  to share a part of our morning meeting.  I am a huge morning meeting advocate because I have witnessed how much it builds community with my students.  It also is a great way to start the day together as family in a fun and positive way!

The morning meeting routine is this:   greeting, sharing, activity, morning message.

The activity portion is just a few minutes long and can a game, a quick brain break or just anything fun.   It is also a great time to meet a few standards!  We like to play the number game, hide the clothespin game, and hot potato.  But our most favorite game is I Have Who Has!  This game is such a great way to review all sorts of skills (numbers, sight words, letters, sounds, shapes, and so much more!)  It is also great for listening and paying attention because you have to hear what your friends are saying!

Here is your Friday Freebie!  It’s an olympic theme I Have Who Has for numbers to 10!  Be on the lookout for my upcoming I Have Who Has game pack with an olympic theme!  Click the picture for your download!

Ok, I’m off to sit in some valuable, informative and enlightening meetings!!

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