Mindless Monday Musings and FREEBIE!!

It’s Monday!  Was your day as good as mine?  I am convinced my new approach to my work environment is the key to my feeling better.  At 8:00 a.m.  we close the door.  And we keep the door closed until we emerge for dismissal.  No more adults stressing me out!  We close the door and we rock out all day.  Powerful stuff people.  Talk about an Oprah Winfrey AHA moment!  Closed door=happy teacher!!  Give it a try!
I am so happy that we have settled into a routine are are chugging along.  I’ve done some formative assessments today and last Friday and oh boy have we grown!  Isn’t kindergarten great?  These little sponges (smelly, snotty, lovable) little sponges just soak up everything we throw at them!  And they love to learn!  That’s one of my favorite parts of Kindergarten is that they have unquenchable thirst for all things learning and knowledge! 
I’ve been meeting with my four guided reading groups, my three guided math groups and even seeing some students one on one!  Go me!  Go me!  
Question:  does anyone have great small group math activities for counting?  
I wanted to share some pictures of some of our art projects we’ve been hard at work on!
First up, community helpers!  How cute are these?
construction worker.  Apparently he lost an eye in a construction accident.  He should have been following the be safe rule!
Teacher.  We all know this is exactly how our looks at the end of the day.  Or in my case, by 7:47 (and school starts at 7:45)!  If I don’t look like this, then I definitely feel this way sometimes.  And it’s almost always caused by grownups!  
Beautician.  And yes one of my boys chose to be a beautician.  I love my class!!!!
Friendship!  I LOVE the shapes made from our names!
Swinging into a new year!
Our revamped Mon-STAR Work display!  
I am linking up with 2nd Grade Pad for my Favorite Freebie Linky party!  I am sharing my letter recognition powerpoint!  This is my most powerful tool for learning letters.  I give this little powerpoint all the credit for why my students master all 26 letters by the end of october.  We go through the letters (upper and lowercase) every morning.  The trick is that we do it in a completely random order!  And the fun sound effects keep kids focused!  Give it a try and let me know what you think!
 graphics:  www.etsy.com/goodnessandfun

I am down to 151 pounds.  26 days.  26 days people.  Go buy stuff from my store so I can pay for this wedding!  HEHE
Wait…no picture of me…WHAT?!?!  So sorry!  I did wear my cute pink pants…with my green v-neck t-shirt and green shoes today!  Use your imagination on just how freaking adorable I looked!

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