A Twitterific Tuesday Idea!

Where were you when the world stopped turning on that September day?  I was in the shower and heard the news of the first plane hitting the World Trade Center.  I remember my first thought being my sister who was in Navy at the time.  I remember seeing the second plane hit the tower.  I remember so much of that day.  It’s hard to believe it’s been 11 years.    And so today, we remember.  Heroes.  The fallen.

If you follow me on Facebook, you saw a picture I posted last night of a poster I had made.  If you don’t follow me on Facebook, why not?!  I was super excited.  I also teased (me tease?  Nope.  Never!) that I would share my idea today.  So here goes…

Each day we start our day with a morning meeting.  And we end out day with an afternoon meeting.  I like to bookend our day with us coming together.  In the afternoon meeting we always share 1 thing we learned in school.  I want my students to become more comfortable discussing their school day so we can develop our speaking skills.  It’s also fun to see what sticks out to them.  Of course, I love when they say they learned to read or they learned to read a book.  But of course, we also learned to swing on the monkey bars.  Isn’t it so nice to know what we have such an impact on our students that we lose to the  monkey bars?!   Who am I kidding?  Even I love the monkey bars.

Each day we go around the circle and share our learning from the day.  As I briefly (briefly…haha.  Did anyone buy that for a second?!) browse Pinterest I have seen where classrooms have made a Facebook or Twitter display in their classrooms.  I thought this was a great idea and super cool.  You know me, I want the super cool points.  I just wasn’t sure how to adapt the idea to kindergarten.  

And then I recently bought some cool clip art from Ashley Hughes at The School Supply Addict.  This is one of my favorite clip art collections.  At least today.  My ADD and clip art collection addiction will collide and something else will catch my attention.  Seriously, my addiction is bad.  I bought two new clip art sets while driving to work today.  Not really driving, sitting in traffic and at red lights.  But it’s that bad.  Do I need an intervention?  Anyways, back to my idea.

I want a Twitter wall in my room.  I have this super awesome clip art collection.  My kids LOVE our iPad.  AHA moment!  (CUE OPRAH!)

Here is what I did…I took the iPad clipart and added the words:  The Room 114 Twitter Feed!  What Did You Learn Today?”  I saved it as a PDF and sent it to Office Max (it’s 3.21 minutes from my front door.  Isn’t that nice?!) and had it enlarged to a 22×28 poster.  I laminated it at school.  And here is our result:

During our afternoon meeting, as the little monsters shared their learning I “tweeted” their responses!  They LOVED it!  And so do I!  I am pretty impressed with my idea.  Now, in my mind, I can see myself setting up a real Twitter account and tweeting out their learning everyday!  Thoughts?
I have some big plans for that clip art set so stay tuned!  And speaking of clip art my friend, Tammy at Dots of Fun created a special patriotic clip art set at my request!  I’m so special.  Actually, I am beyond lucky to have such amazing blog friends who are so willing to help!  Go check out this awesome new set!  It’s on sale today!
Be on the lookout for a freebie with this set later tonight!
And the Kindergarten funny of the day:
If you read my post on Sunday, the question is goatee or no goatee.  I personally like the goatee because I think it makes me look much more manly…anyways….on the playground today my little friend, let’s call her Whishle (she says whishle and not whistle).  Whishle does not play at recess.  Instead she sits and talks to me.  The entire time we’re outside.  Me and Whishle chat.  Today she was rubbing my goatee and kept calling them “monkey.”  “The monkeys are on your face!”

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