Schedulin’ Sunday: “There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed Some Leaves”

It’s Sunday!  And you know what that means.  Yeah, tomorrow is Monday.  I’ve tried to make it not be, but sadly it’s here.  And that means we’ve all been on Pinterest all day trying to write lesson plans for the day.  Once again, my kids better hold on because I am about to rock their world (if I do say so myself!)  But people, this is me NOT working and all of the stuff we do in Monsters Inc. every day is me NOT working.  I’m just sayin…for someone who doesn’t “work to create a model school” I sure do spend a lot of time not working.  Anyways…

Today’s post is late because we were the guests of honor at our wedding shower!  We have some incredible and supportive friends who hosted a wonderful event for us.  13 days people.  13 days and I will be married.  So many emotions.  Is this real?  Is this happening?  Did I spend that much?  Do I deserve to be this happy?  And now just imagine that with more colorful language and one crazy high strung fiancee’ (and it ain’t me!) and you get a picture of our house right now!  Fair warning:  there will be a lot of wedding stuff the next 13 days.  There.  You’ve been warned.  And I get to talk about it because I can and I’m the groom!  Just sayin!  I will try to not say too much about it.  I think.  With all of that being said, can I just say how inspiring it is to hear such supportive comments from so many of you?  In my unique situation, you never know how much to say and share because you never know the reaction that you will encounter.  So without being political or controversial (What?  Me?  Controversial and outspoken?  Would never happen.  True story.) THANK YOU for supporting my upcoming wedding and allowing me to share my joy!

And now, here is waht you’ve wanted to see all day!  It’s time.  It’s going to change your world.  It might inspire you and if it doesn’t….tough.  Leave me alone.  I’m the groom.  It’s Schedulin’ Sunday!

This week we are not focusing on the letter I.  I know the letter I has a short and long sound (I am an Indiana University grad after all!).  However, this early in the year I only do hte short sound because introducing both this early on would only confuse my monsters.  Later in the year we do long and short vowels for months so they learn both sounds.  Please don’t yell at me.  I’m the groom.

We are going to jump into one of my favorite times of year by reading There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed Some Leaves.  We will discuss the story and use a flow-map (thinking map) to re-tell the story.  We will also use the emergent reader that I created today to begin our Johnny Appleseed adventure   And of course we will make our I hat which means another one of the famous (or infamous) pictures of Mr. Greg wearing a fun hat!  I purchased the hats from The Moffat Girls and Simply Kinder so I might try to combine them into one mind blowing piece of artwork (or one cray cray hot mess of something!)!  The next two weeks we will be learning all about shapes.  This week we are going to focus on 2D shapes and recognizing them and naming them.  Next week we will use our shapes to create pictures!  To introduce shapes, we will play I Have Who Has during morning meeting.  Our “hook” (yes, I know…if we don’t give it a fancy name, we aren’t effective and our kids aren’t engaged…riiiight.) is another emergent reader.  After reading I See Shapes from kinder-pond.com we will do a shape sort.  The students will cut the shapes and glue them into the correct column on their construction paper!  We are also learning all about apples this week!  We will start our unit with one of my favorite charts:  the KWL chart!  After we do our KWL chart, we will make stained glass apples.  We will use red and green tissue paper squares to make our stained glass apples.

We will re-read There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed Some Leaves and the students will create their own flow maps.  This will be our first attempt at this so I might be a little flustered at the end of this escapade.  (SIDEBAR:  Last year our principal brought a group of higer ups to my room in APRIL and my kids were working on a flow map.  Principal said “look, they’re cutting.”  Cutting??  We cut in August.  One of my kids says, “we’re cutting out pictures to put them in order to make a flowmap so we can sequence our story and retell the story!”  That’s right.  Cutting.  Please.)  We will also do our picture sort for the short I sound.  It’s an igloo sort that I created.  You can find it here.  We will also be working on an apple predictable chart.  An apple is…

In math we will continue our shape study with the spin and graph shapes activity from kinder-pond.com  The students spin the spinner and graph the shapes.  It’s a lot of fun for the kids and it helps them with shape recognition.  The teacher observes and uses it as an informal assessment.  How smart!  Our apple adventure continues with learning the parts of the apple and labeling our diagrams.  And then we get messy.  That means I get to wear my manly apron!  I love those days!  We will be making apple prints.  I love watching the kids paint!

Our celebration of the letter I continues (but we’re not focusing on I…nope.) with another picture sort and lots of practice with our first sound fluency!  We also celebrate Johnny Appleseed’s birthday by reading the book Johnny Appleseed and discussing John Chapman!  We will complete a predictable chart about Johnny Appleseed and do a Johnny Appleseed craftivity (umm, I need to find a Johnny Appleseed craftivity.  HMMM) and of course we’re making a Johnny Appleseed hat!

Our shape celebration continues with our friend Mr. Shape Head!  The students color the pieces and glue them together to create Mr. Shape Head!  After they complete Shape Head each student will complete a find the shape and color sheet!
We will read the book The Biggest Apple Ever and discuss the story.  We will also fill out our story map to help with comprehension!  We will also do a picture sort with the short I sound.  As I blogged before, I am going to be The King of the Picture Sort!  We will use our Johnny Appleseed predictable chart to publish a class book about Johnny Appleseed.
Our shape adventure continues with a fun game of Shape Bump It (created by me!)  After we finish playing Bump It (and I observe for another assessment piece…so smart and handsome!) the monsters will cut out shapes and math them to the correct shape on their Bump It Card (assessment piece 2.  One activity.  SMART!  HANDSOME!)
We will also be incorporating our apple party into math with an apple graph.  We will graph our favorite apple flavors using this super fun apple graph!   I like new and different (because I am new and different!) and this just looks fun!

Now that we’re exhausted we can have a little fun.  We will read the book Apples Apples Apples and talk about the life cycle of apples.  We will also talk about how we can eat an apple and plant the seeds and grow an apple tree.  Yes, I know this is very far fetched, but my kids love the idea that the seeds grow into trees and I am not about to dash their dreams.  And who knows, maybe one of their seeds will become an apple tree.  We will also do a sight word cut and paste matching activity to do a quick and informal assessment to see how we’re doing with sight words!
In order to review shapes, I will post pictures of shapes in various parts of the room. I will say a shape and the students will have to walk to the correct shape.  After that,  we will do another find the shape and color activity as our formal summative assessment for our shape week!  I expect they will all do just fine which means next week we get to make stuff with shapes!
Our apple study wraps up with a fun craftivity that sequences the life cycle of the apple from our mouth to a tree!  And of course…applesauce!  We made applesauce once already but why not do it again?!  Who doesn’t love applesauce?
Throughout the week, we will work on the sight words in, it and is.  We will be using the Sight Word Watches from the Moffat Girls.  We will be doing math journal pages created by me.  I am loving our math journals btw!  And so are the kids.  Great way to wrap up a lesson and provides a great assessment piece!

You can also get all of my fun shape activities in one shape pack for FREE right now at TPT!  I plan on leaving it for free for a day or two.  Then it will be $1.00.  I need you to buy a lot of them.  I have a wedding in 13 days.  And I have some flowers to buy!  People, choosing Nashville’s PREMIER florist (um…no really…he does inaugurations, red carpets, the state capital, and every celebrity you can name!) wasn’t so smart with a teacher’s salary!  Just sayin…make my wedding pretty!  Support the flowers!

And now, you must go visit my friend Kaci over at Mrs. Hoffer’s Spot  Check out her store!  She has some great stuff and she’s my friend.  So support my flowers and support her because she’s awesome and my friend.

Mrs. Hoffer's SpotAnd speaking of apples, check out my friend Mary’s apple unit!

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