Schedulin Sunday!

Did you ever have a night that turned out to be a lot more than you expected?  We went to dinner with some friends last night at a Japanese Steakhouse.  Um, do you know me?  I’m super picky.  Do you think that I like Japanese food?  Exactly.  But I went and I had some chicken and rice.  And then guess what???  We went dancing.  Dancing.  I don’t dance.  I’m not a dancer.  I can’t dance.  Guess what I did?  I danced.  It was a super fun night but I am paying the price today!  

It’s that time of the week…when teachers all over the place disappear for hours on end to prepare lesson plans and amazing lessons for their students.  The time of the week when the internet nearly collapses from teachers browsing Pinterest for ideas and downloading products from Teachers Pay Teachers!  It is Schedulin’ Sunday!

This week my Schedulin’ Sunday will be short and sweet!  Because the fiancee’ and I decided we would do what any smart couple does 3 weeks from their wedding…we planned a trip out of town.  For three days.  We’re leaving Tuesday morning at 4:30 a.m.  Yes.  4:30 a.m.  to head to Chicago for 3 days.  The reason:  Vogue.  Strike A Pose.  We’re going to see Madonna!!!!!  I am super excited.  But also hate the fact we’re going to be gone for 3 days 2 weeks from our wedding.  CRAZY.   But wait, we also decided that was’t enough…so here’s our next 2.5 weeks:  friends over for dinner tonight (I’m making chicken parmesean!!), Chicago this week, my birthday party Friday, Saturday is the Warrior Dash, a spa party and a food truck festival (15 food trucks!) in our neighborhood.  Sunday is another wedding shower!  And then a wedding and a honeymoon!  Guess what we’re doing in October, November and December?  NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And now here is a very abbreviated Schedulin Sunday!  Sorry it isn’t as exciting and inspiring and motivating as my usual Sunday post!  I hope you find something useful anyways!

This week is letter T!  We will make a tongue hat and learn the T sound.  which means you will see me in another funny hat!  We will be focusing on writing lists this week during writing.  Monday we are making a list of rules for when we have a substitute!  The rest of the week is:  foods we make from apples, field trip rules and list of things we know about apples.

We are also learning position words in math.  We’re going to use the book Rosie’s Walk as the basis of our position word study.  After reading the book, we will make this cute craftivity I found at First Grade Parade!  We will also be using our Legos and ourselves to identify positions.  And my sub will be introducing apples and doing some introductory apple activities so when I return next week we can have a great apple unit!

The highlight of the week is Friday!  We will continue a tradition that I started my first year in Kindergarten.  We will go on our annual walking field trip!  We walk to the pedestrian bridge that connects east Nashville to downtown.  It’s also home to the home of the Tennessee Titans stadium.  We walk down and just hang out for a while.  We return and will use our trip to make a map and we write about what we saw.  Then we have a birthday party for Mr. Greg!!  And since it’s T for taco week, we will make tacos!  
Speaking of tacos, here is a super awesome story that my teammate wrote a few years ago!  If You Give A Tiger A Taco!  How cute is this?  
And a freebie!  It’s a T for Taco picture sort!

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