Not Wordless Wednesday!

I have been so busy on my day off…three days before THE WEDDING!  As I was running errands, I stopped by Target.  And no, it wasn’t just to check out the dollar stuff.  I really did need to get a bag for the fiancee’s wedding gift (Air Jordan tennis shoes that have been drooled over for a year!  I know, right?!  How good am I?!).  But since I was in Target, I did browse the selection in the dollar bins.  And I got these:

PS  I am in LOVE with these papers by The 3am Teacher.  I want to create a whole unit using these papers!

So, as any could groom/teacher would do, as I was cruising around doing errands, I had a vision in my mind (imagine that knowing that I function in my very special reality…the things happening in my mind are scary to you normal people!) of how to use these purchases.

So I came home and did what any good groom/teacher would do…I created a fun counting pack.  And since I am THE GROOM and it is three days before my wedding, I am giving it as a freebie from now until tomorrow at some point!  GET IT WHILE IT”S FREE!  Lord, we all know how us teachers love anything free!

That’s all for now.  Get your freebie…tell everyone to visit my blog…and while you’re getting your freebie, buy something or a lot of somethings…I have a wedding band to pay for tomorrow!!!!  Seriously, buy stuff.

And, by the way, if you RSVP yes to a wedding, you should not cancel 3 days before the event.  Seriously.  We spent $100 a person and 5 people means $500 we could have saved for me to spend on clip art.  I know things happen, but come on people.  Oh well…I’ll stop ranting now.  I have 5 open wedding seats, who wants ’em?!

My friend Kerri is having a give-away!  Go check it out!  NOW.  I AM THE GROOM so you have to do what I say.

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