Kindergarten Votes!

Here’s how day ended today…as I was wrapping up a parent teacher conference I heard a helicopter flying around.  I also noticed that it was VERY close and not moving.  Yeah, because it was outside of my window.  Helicopter.  Police with spot lights searching our playground (which is directly out my window!)  Turns out that the police were chasing someone and he crashed his get away car into a car parked in front of our school.  BUSTED!  I didn’t get to leave until about 5:15 thanks to some criminal. Really?!

Today was our kindergarten election!  My kids were so excited!!!  We talked about we would do if we were president and did some writing.  We voted.  We tallied our votes and declared a winner.  People, it was a LANDSLIDE!  President Obama:  15  Gov. Romney:  1.  Speaking of what we would do as president, my favorite…one of my monsters…favorites?  I don’t have those.  Please…said as president he would fly on Air Force One!  OK, Mr. President, you need to fly your Air Force One to Nashville and take this kid and his teacher for a ride on your plane.  Just sayin…it was an election smorgasboard for sure!
We first registered to vote!  And I related what we were doing to what I would do when I vote tomorrow!  
Filling out our voter registration card!

She was so happy to be registered to vote!


Look at the smile!  We loved voting!!  

We voted!!!  The kids were so proud of their stickers.  We definitely strutted through the halls with out stickers and hear lots of comments from other kids.  Yeah, be jealous.  Mr. Greg’s monsters ROCK!  We rocked the vote for sure!

Um, hello all politicians.  Take note.  TELL THE TRUTH!  And really Mr. President!  How hard is it to fly some little monsters on Air Force One?!  16 monsters and a crazy Kindergarten teacher on your plane would be a blast.  (I’m sure the Secret Service would have a field day with my monsters!)
Free emergent reader!

And I have a cute freebie for you!  We used this during morning meeting this morning and loved it.  My monsters LOVED the bright turkeys!  Ashley Hughes is AMAZING!!!!  
And a funny story for today!  Only at the Kindergarten Smorgasboard!
A very sweet grandmother of one of my students come in to do little projects for me.  Today she had a very very very noticeably different hairstyle.  All of my monsters were giving her such sweet compliments.  The granddaughter said  ” It’s not her real hair.  IT’S A WIG!”   Ummm..no kidding, it’s a wig?!  Really?!
Ignore the picture. I was experimenting with the tripod that came with the camera.  First time.  But at least you get to see a great view of my awesome, amazing classroom library!  And I am rocking a HOT PINK SHIRT!  
Shirt:  Wal Mart
Sweater:  Macy’s
Pants:  Kohls
Shoes:  Skechers
Happy Hat Monday!  Hungry hungry hippo!  
And the winner of my weekend give away (THANKS DEEDEE WILLS At Mrs. Wills Kindergarten) is…….
Shannon, I will be emailing you soon!!  Thanks to everyone who visited and commented and entered!
I was featured on Thinking of Teaching today!  Go say hi and tell them Mr. Greg sent ya!

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