We did it.  We returned to our classrooms.  We comforted our students and our teammates.  We did out jobs in amazing ways.  We loved our children.  We are teachers.

This morning, one of my monsters walked into the classroom and announced, “I am glad to be at school!”  I knew that the kindergarten smorgasboard would be OK!  That announcement could not have been more powerful and profound.  From the mouths of babes…

I know many people are posting their thoughts and their feelings on this horrific event, but I am going to share what we did at Monsters, Inc.,  today.  I think this is why none of my monsters brought up Sandy Hook.  We were too busy with pancakes and photo booths!  
During my student teaching, my room mom said she always did a pancake party for the class Christmas/Holiday party.  And thus the tradition began and continued today.  We decided to do our parties today and Polar Express tomorrow so today we pigged out on pancakes, got goofy with a photo booth and tore into some presents!
Enjoy the smiles and the fun!  
Mr. Taylor our pancake chef!  I am blessed with such amazing friends.

Our reading buddy, Bear, was with us today of course!

Bob over there has so much syrup on his hands that his napkin is stuck.  Mr. Greg to the rescue.

Pure joy and happiness!  

The gifts for the class!  Puzzles…stuffed animals…books…pencils…music CD…stickers.  
No words needed.

Someone is going to drive his family NUTS with the music CD!  

Cereal wreaths!

The best gift ever….the smile.
And yes, it is Monday so I wanted to give you a little smile.  It’s silly hat Monday and today I am a Christmas tree!
 I made these signs today.  It’s a simple gesture to say thank you to all teachers for being an inspiration to me.  You are heroes.  I hope you will download these and print them off and display them with pride and honor.  Thank you for what you do each and every day.

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