Sight Words Galore!

HELLO Christmas break…well, almost!  Today was our last day with the students and it was just a half day!  Of course, teachers worked a full day and tomorrow is a teacher work day.  Then, I am off until January 7!!  I am so ready for daily naps!  When is your last day?

We wrapped up our first 86 days together with one of my favorite things in Kindergarten:  sight words!    I know, I am a total teaching nerd, but I love sight words!  I love all the ways we learn sight words (games, shaving cream, music, art and the Post It Note words on the ceiling!), I love when my kids get excited when they see the words in books and in their world.  And I love how these words help my monsters become better readers!  Sight words and the kindergarten smorgasboard are a match made in heaven!  Does it make me weird to be obsessed with sight words?!  So what better way to end our learning time together than with a Christmas themed sight word art project?!  You know I love a good craftivity/art project!    Here is how I do it:

After assessing my students knowledge of sight words I made a quick tally of how many students knew each word.  This was a very rough estimate and I added a few extra just to be sure I had enough.  I then made the correct number of copies of each sheet.

I went through my list and put a small red dot on each word that the student knew.  Everyone gets different words because we all know different words. I do have a discussion with the class that we all learn differently and we are all doing our own learning so we have different materials!

I distribute the words to the students and they color them.  Once they color their words (the words with the red dots) the monsters cut out the lights.  I make sure they understand to cut out the lights and not the boxes!  After they cut them out, they get 2 inch black strips of paper and glue their words on to make a string of lights!  

This is a busy time and we’re all rushing to finish up assessments and all of that great stuff, this is a great activity that s fun and really keeps the kids engaged.  My monsters loved this (I definitely can see snowflakes…hearts…shamrocks and more!)  and they’re still engaged in learning and meeting those common core standards!

They were so excited to make their sight word lights!
I would have displayed these all in the hallway but we had to take down all decorations for the break.  My poor hallway is so sad and barren.  I can’t wait to fill it up with our work and and beautiful art work!
Click here to get this bright sight word activity!
And you have to see what we got as an appreciation gift.  This is serious people…
This is totally real.  The big gold chain says:  “Macho Man!”  Guess what I’m wearing to work tomorrow?!?!?!  
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