A Kindergarten Smorgasboard 100 Day Fiesta!

O.M.G. I am beat.  Today was my first day back after a week of the FLEP!  I am worn out.  My body just wasn’t up to it and I feel it!  Not only was it my first day back, but we also celebrated our 100th day of kindergarten!!  100 down…80 to go!!    It was great to be back with the monsters for sure!!!  As they came down the hall I could hear a kindergarten smorgasboard  of shouts of glee!  “Mr. Greg!”  “We missed you!”  Oh, how I love my job!

It was a FIESTA 100 in Monsters Inc and we were BUSY!  We didn’t get to everything so we will extend this celebration into the week!  Here is our amazing day!

Our day started off with our morning meeting and our message.  Today we wrote 100 things we wanted and 100 things we did not want!  I agree that I would not want 100 sisters!  I have 1 and she is great, but no more please!  And I don’t dance so I do not want 100 dance parties!  We also read and discussed Ms. Bindergarten Gets Ready For the 100th Day of Kindergarten!  The kids loved seeing all of the 100 collections in the story!

We made 100 day hats!  Of course, no celebration or week in Monsters, Inc. is ever complete without hats!!!  The monsters had 10 strips of paper with 10 squares.  We had 10 stations to visit to decorate our strips.  10 strips.  10 items.  A 100 Fiesta hat!
We wrote 100 words!!  We wrote 10 items of clothing, 10 movies, 10 television shows, 10 sight words, 10 numbers, 10 people, 10 places, 10 books, 10 cars and 10 school supplies!  These will be displayed down the hallway to give the monsters a visual of how BIG 100 words looks!  Favorite word:  In the clothes category:  underwear!  YEAH!

We also went a search for 100 kisses.  I labeled kisses from 1-100 and hid them around the room.  I created (very poorly…) a 100 chart to color when we located the kisses!  I apparently hid the kisses well because we only located 98 of the 100!!  The monsters had a BLAST finding the kisses!  This was such a great way to meet some common core standards and I was so pleased with how well we recognized the numbers!  Look at us…meeting Common Core standards during a celebration!  We rock.
After we found our kisses, we practiced number writing with a differentiated practice page.  Some students traced numbers and some wrote all 100.  Those who wrote 100 were impressive.  Once again I was very very pleased!  Go monsters, go monsters!  We will be using these sheets for a while to build our number writing skills!  

Before we could eat our 100 snack, we had to do a little moving!  We did 100 jumping jacks (my legs hurt!  hehe) in our 100 degree room.  I can say we were smelly!  And we gave 100 high fives.  We also walked 100 steps.  We will be creating our memory book using these activities later this week!

And of course we ended our day with 100 snacks!  We counted by 10’s to make 100!  YUMMY!!
We are 100 days smarter!  The sticker proves it!!!  
What an amazing day!  It’s amazing to see the changes in my monsters in 100 days.  They’re bigger (physically!) and more mature!  And the light bulb is really glowing as more and more of my monsters make connections!  
When is your 100th day?  
If you need activities or resources for you 100th day, check out my Fiesta 100 creation!

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