A Kindergarten Smorgasboard Schedulin Sun….Monday!

Happy Inaguration day!  No matter your politics, seeing this ceremony is inspiring and uplifting.  And who doesn’t love a good parade?!

In case you missed it, I was sick all LAST week.  I didn’t work at all.  I had the dreaded FLEP (as coined by the Mister!)  The flu and strep.  Yeah, I was that sick.  Can I just say how much I missed the monsters?!  I can’t wait to see them!  But guess what tomorrow is?!  Our 100th day of school.  So, no teacher for a week.  First day back is a HUGE party all day.  Guess what that means?!  WILD!!!!

So here it is, without further ado!  It’s Schedulin Sunday…err  Monday!  And beware!  Our activities and themes (not there really is a theme…) are all over the place because I want to squeeze in some of the activities we missed last week!  So here goes!

My plans!  Today’s  Schedulin SunMonday is special!  I am unveiling a brand new lesson plan template that was created by friend Melissa at A Teacher’s Plan!  Not only is it new…but it was inspired by ME!  That’s right.  Me.  And it’s even named THE GREG!  People, I have a lesson plan template named after me!!!!!!!  WOOHOO!  (This definitely qualifies for one of those “You know you’re a teacher if…” moments!)  She has amazing lesson templates and is awesome to work with!  You should check out her templates because these templates make planning so much easier!  

Here is THE GREG!

Click the pictures to download my weekly plans! 
Today is our 100th day of school and we’re celebrating all day long with our FIESTA 100!
We kick off the day with our read aloud:  Miss Bindergarten Celebrates The 100th Day Of Kindergarten!  We will discuss the story and make a list of the things Miss Bindergarten does for the 100th day.  At the end of the day, we will wrap up our celebration by adding our events to that list and talking about similarities and differences.  

After the story, we will of course make our silly hat!  These hats are so fun!  It’s a hat with 100 things and the title:  100 Days Smarter!    After we finish our hats, we will write 100 words!  We have 10 categories and we write 10 words for the 10 categories!  These are displayed down the hallway so the monsters have a visual of how big 100 words looks!  After our lunch, we will do a hunt for 100!  I number 100 Hershey Kisses and hide them around the room.  The students will find the candy and read the number.  They will then color that number on our hundred chart!  After our candy hut, we will complete our 100 Memories book!  We will do 100 jumping jacks, give 100 high fives, walk 100 steps and more!  After each activity, we will illustrate our memory book!
And finally, we end our celebration with 100 snacks!  We have 10 pieces of 10 snacks to make 100 snacks.  
SHEW!  Mr. Greg is going to be EXHAUSTED!  This is always our biggest celebration and will be a blast!  
All of these activities (including decorations, stickers and certificates) are available in my 100th Day Fiesta Creation! 
Today we shift our focus to Martin Luther King, Jr.  We missed honoring Dr. King last week so we will spend a few days this week learning about Dr. King and his impact on us today.  We will read Martin’s Big Words and discuss how he had an impact on us.  My students are always horrified to find out that Mr. Greg couldn’t be their teacher and some of their friends couldn’t be in their class before Dr. King changed our country.  We will do a predictable chart of our dreams for making the world better.  

In math, we will be working on numbers to 20 this week.  Our focus will be on ten frames!!  We love ten frames and they are so engaging and really strengthen 1 to 1 correspondence!   For our 10 minute whole group lesson, students will make a ten frame using the smart board.  After that, the monsters will complete an independent practice sheet of ten frames and then move into centers.  I will be working with small groups (focusing on students still struggling with numbers to 20) using my February ten frame set!
Today our craftivity is in honor of Dr. King.  We cut out hand prints in various shades of skin colors and glue them around a paper plate to make a wreath.  The monsters color a picture of Dr. King and glue the picture in the center of the wreath.  
We switch gears again to snow!  We missed our big snow unit last week so today we hit the highlights!
We will read the story, The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats!  After reading the story, the monsters will practice sequencing by creating a flow map of the story.  We will also share our ideas for having fun on a snowy day  (which is VERY RARE in Tennessee )  The monsters will publish their dream from yesterday’s predictable chart using their best handwriting.
   Math will be more ten frames and numbers to 20!  The monsters will complete a ten frame practice sheet and work in centers.  I will be focusing on my small groups again today.  I am focusing on these groups because I have a group of monsters who still have issues with counting to 20 and recognizing their numbers.
Our craftivity (of course we have a craftivity!) today is a hanging snowman.  This idea was inspired by this pin on Pinterest!  
We like to have art projects hanging from the ceiling so I adapted this to hang from the ceiling!  And guess what?!?!  I am giving you a freebie!
We will also be doing a hands-on science experiment!  We will be growing snow crystals!  And guess what?!  You get another freebie!!  Click on the picture for the free download of the instructions for the experiment!
And finally, FRIDAY!
We will wrap up our week with another day focused on MLK!  We will read the book, My Brother Martin and discuss more of what Dr. King means to us!  
Our writing will be a bit different today (and in honor of Mr. Greg’s recovery!)!  We will write about how we feel when we’re sick!  We will publish this writing with a craftivity next week!  STAY TUNED!
Math will be assessing our numbers to 20 skills with painting ten frames!  We will use a ten frame recording sheet (copied on blue paper!) and q-tips and white paint to make our ten frames!  
Our Foodie Fun Friday is tied into MLK!  We will use eggs to highlight equality and how we are all the same on the inside despite being different on the outside.  I will show students  brown and white eggs and we will discuss what we see.  Students will predict what the inside is like (most will say they’re different inside just like on the outside).  I will crack the eggs open and allow the students to share what they observe.  We will have a discussion about being the same on the inside and treating others the same.  This is always a powerful lesson and really helps the monsters to see their friends in a new light.
After our lesson, we will have scrambled eggs!  Yummy!
Also this week, we will not be celebrating the letter K and I’m sure that probably means a silly hat for K somewhere!  We will also be starting our word study using the book Words Their Way.  I will share a post on this later this week.  We will also “not” practice our forbidden sight words, read our poem and emergent reader and sing lots of songs!
And in case you didn’t get enough freebies, here’s one your students will LOVE to use in math centers or math tubs!  Click the picture to go to the freebies page! 
And this little freebie was created by my 4 year old niece.  She saw some clip art and said “ooooo pretty” and asked what it was for.  So I told her I used it to make stuff for classrooms.  Well, of course she wanted to make something for her classroom.  So she made these.  She choose the idea (letters), the pictures, the background and the pictures on each card!  Enjoy!
And don’t forget the big sale at my Teacher’s Notebook shop!  25% off of everything until midnight tonight!!

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