A Kindergarten Smorgasboard of Presidential Learning!

HEY!  I’m back!  Have you missed me?!?!  I haven’t blogged for 2 days….that’s crazy for me because I blog almost daily.  We closed on our hold house today so we’ve spent the last two nights moving the last few things out and cleaning.  I. AM. EXHAUSTED.  Now we wait for the new house!!  YIPPEE!

And I have to give a HUGE Kindergarten Smorgasboard HAPPY BIRTHDAY shout out to the mister!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY MISTER!  I LOVE YOU!

This week we have been researching presidents.  The monsters have LOVED IT!  I love when something gets them motivated and excited.  We have learned a ton about presidents.  This week we have researched the presidents and created tree maps about George Washington, Abe Lincoln and Barack Obama.  We have also created super adorable (like me!) craftivities for each president.  Tomorrow we will compile our research into writing.  The monsters will write what they learned about each president.    This has been such a fun and engaging way to meet common core standards for research and writing!

This picture is bad (I will get a better one tomorrow) but one of the monsters said that President Obama cannot run for president again!  YES!  She knew that without us ever discussing it.  I love when they blow me away like that!!  

I cannot wait to add our writing piece to this display tomorrow!!
I want to say a huge thank to my friend, Katie at Teacher To The Core for these adorable craftivities!
click the picture to see more about this awesome fluency product and the craftivities!
Also today I had the coolest experience!  Two teachers from my district read this manly little blog and wanted to visit my classroom!  They spent the morning with the monsters!  Um, can I say NERVOUS!!!  I hope you lovely ladies enjoyed your visit!  And come back soon!!!
We have loved reading these books this week!!!  Get your copy on the freebies page!
Check out the presidential writing pack!  It’s 50% off!

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