A Kindergarten Smorgasboard of Work Day Randomness!

Today was a day off for the monsters but not for Mr. Greg!  Today was a teacher work day!  I love these days!  I get so much stuff done that there is never time for.  But why oh why do these days go by SO fast?!  Here is what I did today!  Totally random…fun!  All in a days work at the kindergarten smorgasboard!
I have these baskets for our center work.  Today I made these super glittery labels for the baskets.  The baskets help the monsters keep their work organized.  There is a basket for their write the room books, a basket for blank write the room papers, a basket for unfinished math centers and a basket for unfinished literacy centers!

I also found these super cute glittery tubs at Big Lots!  These are our new math tubs.  I have used math tubs for years.  Now we have a fun new glittery set of tubs!  The labels will have the monster’s names on them tomorrow ( I left them off for the picture!)  Inside the tubs are math activities that are differentiated and common core aligned.  The kids are grouped based on data and the activities in the tubs correlate to what skills we are learning this week as well as the skills the monsters in that group need to strengthen!
And finally I am sharing some of our art work and hallway displays!

Puppy Love!  (I have this template, if you are interested let me know and I can upload the file!)

Valentine’s day writing and cupcakes from Doodle Bugs!

These are the tooth fairies that we made last week!  They are so fun and cute!  
This is the long hallway that leads to our classroom!!! It is a collection of all of our February craftivities!  
The frog is in my Valentine’s Day pack and the football player is my Super Bowl pack!  The groundhog is in my groundhog freebie on the freebies page!  

And seriously, how does this not make every teacher happy?!?!?!?!  
And today, The CEO Of The Kindergarten Smorgasboard was in the smorgasboard overseeing the work!  He approves!
I am having a sale!  My creations are 10% off today and tomorrow!  And my Presidential Writing Pack is 50% off!  Go check it out!

Check out these free presidential emergent readers!  If you downloaded these yesterday, please download again because I had a typo!  It is all fixed now!  

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