A Kindergarten Smorgasboard Five For Friday: Classroom Edition

First day of school!  CHECK!  We had our first day yesterday (half day) and today was a work day and planning day so I did some work and planned.  Yes, I am planned and prepared for next week!  Maybe I can stay a week ahead this year.  RIGHT!?  We have big plans for next week!  But you have to come back Sunday for Schedulin’ Sunday to see what we’re up to!

I am excited that Five For Friday is back!!!  Are ya ready for five random pictures?!  Sure you are.  It’s pictures…from my classroom…and of me…what more could you want on a Friday?!

Yes people!  Band that hanitizer!  So simple!  You wrap a rubber band around the pump of the hanitizer bottle and the ‘staches can only get a little squirt!  That means no more hanitizer showers.  Ya know what I mean.  You look over and Bob is dripping wet and smelling of hanitizer.  Well, no more!  Band that hanitizer!
So ya know I’ve been stealing borrowing paint chips from Lowe’s.  (NO ON SAY A WORD AND THEY’LL NEVER KNOW!)  So I’ve been trying to find fun uses for these amazing and free (yeah…free…open your purse and choose the paint samples you want to try in your home…it’s standard to want 10-50 of each sample to test at home…I promise.) school supplies.  I’ve used them for bulletin board border and now I am using them for our line up numbers.  I was curious if I could print on them.  And yes, you can.  It’s a little tricky but can be done.  I’m working on a tutorial!  I love how these look!  They alternate blue and green to match our bulletin boards and they’re useful!  Everyone knows where to line up every time!
Melonheadz just released this amazing clip art set (I might have been the first one to purchase it because it’s nothing short of fabulous…like me…) of kids with mustaches!  I used it to make our coloring sheets for Monday morning!  How much fun is this?!  Check out the set here!
Yeah, more toilet pictures!  I am sharing again because it has been a huge success.  The toilet time task cards are on display and the spider is living in the toilet!  And the floor?  DRY!  Even on day one.  Here’s my toilet story:  One of the ‘staches went to the restroom Monday (he’s the tiniest ‘stache of all!) and he came back and said he didn’t know how to use it at school (ADORBS, right?!).  So I gave him a little toilet tutorial.  I said “Do you see that spider?”  He said yes.  I said “Mr. Greg wants you to pee on that spider.”  He said OK.  So a minute later he comes out (pants at his ankles!) and says, ” I peed on that spider!”  BAM!  Success.  He also shared with every adult he met that there is a spider in our toilet and he’s supposed to pee on it!  
If you want some free toilet time task cards, click the picture to download a set!
And finally I just had to show my first day outfit again because I love it so much!!!!  It’s the best outfit yet!  Who doesn’t love a man in bright orange pants?!

Head over to Doodlebugs and check out all the Five For Friday fun!

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