Saturday Kindergarten Post August 3rd, 2013

Happy first Saturday of the new school year to me!  Saturday means one thing….sleeping in!  That’s right!  I awoke at 9:30 this morning to the smell of cinnamon rolls being baked by the mister!  Let me repeat…at 9:30!

Saturday also means it’s time for The Saturday Kindergarten Post!!!  The weekly recap of all things common core and kindergarten smorgasboard disguised as fun, learning, chaos, glitter and mustaches!

This is going to be short because we only had one day this week!  And that day was a half day.  Let’s analyze the quality of the day by the numbers, shall we?!
Students:  15
Criers: 0
Thrower uppers:  0
Pee Pees on the bathroom floor:  0
Parents excited about the classroom:  7
Parents excited about Mr. Greg:  9
Runners (elopers as we call them!):  0
Silly Hats:  1
Mustaches:  15
Mr. Greg’s happiness level at his new school (0-10):10
This was the best first day of school EVER!  Seriously.  I cannot believe how calm and organized the process was.  The parents were happy and excited and gracious.  The ‘staches were excited to be in kindergarten.  They were responsive and communicated so well.  They followed directions well.  They colored in the lines.  People, they knew their names and could write their names.  That’s a huge departure from what my old school was like.  This is going to be the best year ever!  I hope these ‘staches, the parents and the school is ready for the tornado of learning that is Mr. Greg!
So here’s how we spent our half day together.  
As the ‘staches entered the room they found their seats and colored a picture of Mr. Greg!  I was super impressed with their coloring and how well each one of them stayed in the lines.  And yes, I wore orange pants so they did a good job of making it a true life art work!
And can I just say how excited I am that these little frames of mine turned out so darn well!  HOLY COW!!!!  They’re perfect for displaying student work!  If you want to see my post about how to make these picture frames, click here!
I read The Night Before Kindergarten and we shared how we felt on our first day of kindergarten!  Lot’s of happy and a little scared.  Mr. Greg was probably the most scared!  
I also read Look Out Kindergarten Here I Come and we talked about all of the things we want to do in kindergarten!

We did our first morning meeting and introduced ourselves with the greeting “My name is…” and then we practiced writing our names.  I do this assessment on the first day, the day before winter break and the day before the last day of school.  It is a quick, simple and very visual glimpse at the progress they make with their name writing, letter formation and handwriting in general.  I was ecstatic that 13 of them could write their name!  This will be laminated and displayed in our classroom!  
Yes people, on the first day of school Mr. Greg has already had his kids do a written assessment piece.  I know, right?!  
After our name writing we learned about crayons!  After Mr. Greg scribbled all over the paper and the floor and broke the crayons, the ‘staches explained to me the proper way to use crayons.  Then Mr. Greg used the document camera (pretty sure that made me a rock star!) to model how to color in the lines and use different colors when coloring our soccer ball.  Then the staches went to work on their soccer balls!  
Click the picture to go to the post about using the soccer ball and get your freebie!
And of course we had wear our mustaches and pose for pictures!  These were a hit throughout the school.  Even the principal requested a stache to wear next time!
And of course, no special day in the kindergarten smorgasboard is ever complete without…. A SILLY HAT!   I know I’ve missed the silly hats this summer and I for one am thrilled that they’re back!!!!
Click the picture to get your free hats!
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