A Kindergarten Smorgasboard Saturday Kindergarten Post August 10th, 2013

People, the first full week of kindergarten was exhausting.  My legs and feet hurt so bad!!!  My body was not in kindergarten shape after the summer!  But we are now off and running and things are in full swing!

We had a busy week of monsters…names…colors…pencils…and cookies…and one pee on the wall incident!   Check out the week that was in the Kindergarten Smorgasboard!

We read the book Who Will Be My Teacher This Year? And the kids described me!  This was so fun!  The book was hilarious and the kids laughed at every page!  I love that my ‘staches think I’m tall, fast and have nice clothes!!  I guess my snazzy outfits have set the bar high for my clothes!  And fast????  I have no idea where that came from!   I highly recommend this book and this activity! 
This week was all about learning to read and write our names!  The bean names were our big name celebration on Friday!  I just love how these turn out!  The ‘staches had a blast working on these!  I display these in the classroom until January when we do another name project to display!  
We read the story Chrysanthemum and talked about how special names are.  We then graphed how long each of our names were!  
We made a circle map of our names…we’ve been writing our names…we made our names out of stickers!  
We did some simple and fun color assessments this week!  We sorted by colors and read color words after reading Brown Bear Brown Bear!  You can get a free Brown Bear coloring sheet by clicking on the picture!

We worked on learning letters this week!  Our favorite and most noisy letter activity was our letter discovery bottles!  They shook the bottles and read the letter.  Then they colored the letter on their paper!  Did I mention noisy?!  Yeah…noisy.  
We read First Day Jitters and talked about feelings on the first day!  I was excited to hear the words “proud” and “grumpy” as two of our feelings!!!!  

And yes…friends have “shiny teeth!””  I love the way these ‘staches think!  
And of course we had to do some craftivities!  We went on our monster hunt to tour the school and ended up finding the monster in our room!!  They did a great job with the scissors and glue sponges!!!  Yes…glue sponges are still a raging success!!!!!!!  

Loving these pencils!!!!  
And of course we celebrated our first Foodie Fun Friday!!!!   We made school bus cookies!
Here’s how we make them:
Graham crackers, white or vanilla icing, mini oreos, yellow food coloring.
I give each child a bowl of icing and put in a few drops of yellow food coloring.  They mix the icing.  Next they cover the graham crackers with icing.  Finally they put the wheels (mini Oreos) on the bus!  
And then we eat!!!!!  

And a weekly fashion wrap up is a must!

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