A Kindergarten Smorgasboard Schedulin Sunday!

It’s Schedulin’ Sunday here in the Kindergarten Smorgasboard!  Schedulin’ Sunday almost didn’t happen.  Mr. Greg and Mr. Belly had a major disagreement this morning so I stayed in bed until about 11.  But I can’t let the feeling that my stomach is being ripped out (ok..stomach cramps hurt real bad…) keep me from planning a crazy busy Chicka Chicka Boom Boom week!   Did I say busy??  Yes I did…so let’s get right to it!
We kick off Chicka Chicka Boom Boom week with a read aloud, of course!  After our read aloud we’re going digging for letters!  Each child will get to dig through the sand to find a letter.  We will ID the letter and match it to the letter on our letter chart!
We will also use our Chicka Chicka interactive chart to work on letter recognition and names!
I love this activity!  The ‘staches love to sing along and see the letters that pop up!  But they really love when we do their names!  This is a simple activity to make!  Just write the saying on chart paper or poster-board.  Measure the size of your sentence strips and cut 2 slits.  On sentence strips write uppercase and lowercase letters (names and numbers work too!) in random order.  You slide the strip through the slit and they sing along naming the letters!
Today I will introduce the ‘staches to roll and color!  This is a favorite activity of mine so I am always excited when we introduce this fun math activity.  We will do one roll and color game all together as a whole group.  After we’ve practiced the ‘staches will use number cubes to practice number identification!
And the Monday silly hat tradition kicks off in full swing for the year with this super cute Chicka Chicka Boom Boom hat!  
The ‘staches will cut out the leaves and place letter stickers on their leaves.  I will staple their hat together and we have our first silly hat of the year!  (If you want the pattern for the leaves, just click on the Mister to download!)
HOW CUTE IS THE MISTER FOR MODELING?!?!  He’s such an awesome sport and so supportive of my kindergarten craziness!!!!!  That’s one of the many reasons I love him so!
For our writing we will cut apart our names and put them together!  Then we will practice writing our names!

We will be using these super fun CCBB roll and color sheets this week!  Click the picture to get your 4 free roll and color sheets!
Monday wraps up with my most favorite and I believe (seriously, 100% with all my heart and all my glitter…that means I’m for real…) my most effective friendship lesson of the year!  
I love this activity so much because it’s a powerful and visual lesson for my ‘staches about friendship and a loving classroom.  I hear my students refer to rotten bananas all year long after this lesson!  If you want to see my post on Friendship Salad, Click the picture of the salad!
Today we will echo read Chicka Chicka Boom Boom and read our interactive chart!  To work on our letter recognition we will play Pass The Letters!  I have a velcro CCBB tree in my classroom so I remove all of the letters and place them in a bag.  I start the music and we pass the bag.  When the music stops the ‘stache holding the bag pulls out a letter.  We name the letter and place it on the coconut tree!
Today’s writing lesson will be a bubble map of things we see in our classroom!
We will work on number recognition with another fun game of roll and color.  We will do a game together as a whole group so we can practice.  Then the ‘staches will work on their own to practice their numbers!
Now, here is where things get bonkers.  In my plans I have a coconut science activity and a cocnut tree painting project.  Well, sadly this is the afternoon that the mister has his root canal so I will have a sub.  I am leaving her some simple projects for open house!  She will be doing sticker names (each child’s name in bubble letters that they fill in with stickers!), self portraits and an all about me book!  
To make this tree you paint the child’s arm brown and press onto white paper!  Then you paint their hands green and press onto the tree trunk!  After the paint is  dry, they place letters on their tree!
Our first science investigation will be with coconuts!  We will do a five senses activity and then taste our coconut.  Before tasting we will predict whether we think we will like the coconut or not!  After we taste the coconut we will graph whether we actually  liked it or not!  If you would like these chart labels, click on the picture to get yours!
We will echo read CCBB and do our interactive chart to practice our letters.  I will also introduce our first emergent reader!  This one is all about school supplies!  We will practice reading it a few times with our focus being on touching the dots under the words as we read!   Then we will do a font sort!  I took a large shower curtain and marked off 26 boxes and labeled each box with a different letter!  I have a bag full of letters in a variety of fonts.  The ‘staches will choose a letter and name the letter and place it on the shower curtain!
Today’s writing lesson will be a a bubble map of things we see in our school!
Today the ‘staches will do roll and color on their own!  I will be working with some students individually!
We will make coconut trees with feathers and sandpaper!
Today we will read  the book LMNO Peas and read our CCBB interactive chart to practice letters!
Today we also get to use whiteboards!  I will introduce whiteboards and dry erase markers (click on the dry erase marker link for a good price on dry erase markers!)  and  how to use them!  The ‘staches get 10 minutes to draw.  Then I will say a letter and model how to write it.  Next we will practice writing the letter together!  Then we will write the letter on our own!
Today’s writing lesson will be predictable chart that uses our bubble maps from Tuesday and Wednesday!   Each child will complete the sentence:  I see…
We will use our whiteboards to practice writing numbers and then do gummy bear counting!  Each child will have a sheet with bears labeled 0-10.  They will also have a pile of gummy bears!  Mr. Greg will show a number on the screen and the ‘staches point to the number and count that number of bears!  At the end we eat our gummy bears!
Click the picture to download your bear counting sheet!
We will also read Miss Nelson Is Missing and talk about the things we can do to keep Mr. Greg from becoming Miss Viola Swamp!  We will graph who we want to be our teacher:  Mr. Greg or Miss Swamp!
Today we will use chalkboards (I have a set of small chalkboards that my dad made for me during my first year of Kindergarten!!!) to practice writing letters.  We will draw for 10 minutes and then we will use the I DO WE DO YOU DO model to write our letters!
We will do a bubble map of things we see in our cafeterria!
Math we will assess on our numbers and counting to 5.  The students will have a Counting Coconuts book.  Each page has a number (0-5) and a coconut tree.  The ‘staches ID the number and use dot stickers to count the correct number of coconuts!
And of course, Foodie Fun Friday will be a CCBB snack!

Also this week, I will be assessing the students (which I am SUPER excited about because I can’t wait to see where they are and what they know!!) and we will be working on getting ready for open house (Thursday!)
We will also continue learning about centers and doing a lot of new center activities that are…wait for it…Chicka Chicka Boom Boom!
So that’s our VERY busy week!!!
Our CCBB centers and other great CCBB activities can be found in this glittery ABC and 123 Common Core aligned creation!
And I have to share my newest Common Core creation!  I can’t wait to get this one printed and laminated and into centers!  It’s all food and restaurant themed learning centers!  7 centers in all (letters, numbers, what comes next, beginning sounds, and more!)
Leave a comment with your favorite CCBB activity or letter activity and I’ll choose a winner for this new pack!  I will choose a winner tomorrow!

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