A Kindergarten Smorgasboard Schedulin’ Sunday!

This week is our BATS AND CATS week!  We will be learning about bats and doing a little cat fun!  Guess what that means?  We are learning the -at family!  So here’s what’s in store for my ‘staches this week!
As always, you can download my common core lesson plans by clicking on the picture!
We kick off bat week with a KWL chart about bats.  After we start our KWL chart, we will read Stellaluna.
After reading the story we will create a story map and discuss all the things we learned about bats.  We will add new information to our KWL chart!
We will create our cirlce map of N words.  The ‘staches will brainstorm N words and Mr. Greg attempts to draw the pictures!  Attempts…it’s never pretty.
We will listen for the /n/ sound in words.  And of course, we will make a silly hat.  This week is N for NEST!
In math, we will review adding means put together.  We will work in small groups using our red and yellow counters.  We will spill counters from the cup and add red and yellow.
We will make a cylinder bat and review our KWL chart!  
To make these, simply roll a 12×18 sheet of construction paper into a cylinder and glue or staple.  Add googly eyes, wings and streamers to the bottom.  Fangs optional!
We will read There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Bat and use large pictures from the story to create a human flow map!  (This idea came from my awesome teammate, Mrs. P!)
After we create our human flow map, the students will complete their own flow map.
We will introduce word families today.  We will introduce the -at family.  My plan for the week is to create an -at family anchor chat (Batty Words!) and add to it all week as we learn or find new -at words.  We will read the words daily!
We will write a poem about bats called:  I Like The Bat.
Each ‘stache will complete the sentence frame:  I like the ______ bat.
In math, we will review addition as put together and introduce story problems.  We will use the zoo animal paper plates.  They have 2 ears and a face so they are perfect for addition.  
The students will have counters and we will practice listening to the story problem and solving it.  I will tell a story problem.  They will put counters in the ears (I have 3 cookies so 3 cookies in the first ear…I got 2 more cookies…2 cookies in the second ear…) and then move them to the face to add.   I will record our equations and answers on chart paper.
We will create a double bubble map to compare birds and bats and we will make hand print bats!
Today we will read Millions Of Cats and discuss the book.  We will work on blending CVC words and -at words.  For writing, we will write a sentence about a cat.  I like the _____cat.
In math, we continue with addition.  We will use our animal plates to continue working on story problems.
Bats and cats week continues with a fun spin and graph game.  Bats v. Cats.  Staches will spin and graph cats and bats.  We will create a dboule bubble map to compare bats and cats.  And we will make this super cute cat craftivity that my amazing teammate (Mrs. P) shared with me.  (By the way, Mrs. P is also my fashion photographer!  She gets roped into snapping my outfit pictures daily!  She rocks!)
I will be adding glitter to my cat and using googly eyes!  
Today we will read Pete The Cat  and share our favorite parts.  We will review and read -at words.  We will add more -at words to our chart.  We will write a sentence about bats:  Bats can…. and we will turn this into a class book about bats!
In math, we are going to step it up for addition.  Today we will work on drawing pictures to solve an equation.  I wiil write an equation and the ‘staches will draw pictures on their whiteboards to solve the equation.
We will label the parts of a bat and do this amazing splatter paint bat.  The website says to use koosh balls but if I can’t find any, I will am going to use wadded up paper and cotton balls!
This amazing idea came from Mom to 2 Posh Divas!
We will read Bats At The Beach and share our favorite part.  We will write the sentence:  I like….and choose bats or cats.  We will read our -at words and practice blending CVC words.
Math will be a simple addition assessment.  
And Foodie Fun Friday will be noodles for N!
Oh, and it’s assessment week so I will be assessing all week!  
We will also be graphing if we like bats and if we think bats are cute or creepy.  We will have bat math centers.  
And that is our week!
If you want to create the graphs, anchor charts and have some simple bat math centers, check out my bat mini unit.  I got very inspired this morning so I put this together!  I figured I needed to up my bat game this year!  It’s 50 pages of batty good fun!
There is a freebie included.  Click on the picture to go to my TPT store.  To download your freebie, just click download preview!  It’s a set of bat 10 frame cards and a recording sheet! 

Don’t forget, you can click any of the books to see them on Amazon!  
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