Thanksgiving Measurement

Happy Monday!!  We survived day one of Thanksgiving Week.  One more day to go until Thanksgiving break!  WOOHOO!

Today I want to share with you how I introduce measurement to my ‘staches.  We do a lot of measuring throughout the year so I want them to have a good grasp of the concept early on.

We kicked off our measurement lesson today with a discussion of what measuring is.  I got a lot of good responses.  We said it was “telling how tall or short something is” and “how big and little something is” and many variations of those responses.  I then asked what we would use to measure and I got “ruler” and “tape measure” a lot.  I was impressed with the tape measure response!

After our discussion we discussed how some rulers have numbers but sometimes we can use rulers that don’t have numbers and sometimes we can even measure with things that aren’t rulers.  I then introduced our turkey rulers.  Cue the excitement.  It’s such a simple thing but man it brings tons of excitement!

Then Mr. Greg modeled how we put the end of our ruler on the end of our picture to measure.  We practiced.  Mr. Greg modeled.  We practiced.  Mr. Greg modeled.

Finally, we were ready to measure.  Each child had a ruler, a recording sheet and a Thanksgiving picture to measure.

Each child measures their picture.  They record their answer on their recording sheet.
Each child measures every picture and records the answer.  
In my class, our tables are arranged so that we sit in a large circle, this makes it easy to pass our pictures.  We pass to the left.  After we pass, we measure and record the answer.  When we’re ready, we hold our picture up so Mr. Greg knows we’re ready.  
After we finish measuring, we gather on the carper to record our answers on our class chart.
I was very very pleased with how well we did with our first measurement!  I am excited to use all of our fun measurement units for the rest of the year!
I know Hanukkah is early this year!  I put these Hanukkah themed activities into my centers today and the ‘staches loved them!  Click the pictures for your freebies!

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