Sunday=lesson plans.  Then I get to work and I can’t find what I want for my class so I get lured into making a whole new resource for my class.  This week is all about penguins and we now have penguin centers and the resources to do a penguin research journal.  I am STOKED!
But first, some lesson plans!

Monday kicks off our penguin week!  We start with our KWL chart.  After we share what we know and what we want to know, we will read Penguins from Pebble Books.  We will add new learning to our KWL chart.
We will review our vowels and make our circle map for J.  
We will assess our vowel skills with the wonderful names activity that we didn’t get to last week due to the great classroom switch of 2014.
This activity is from First Grade Wonderful!  And free!  Click the picture to check it out!
And of course, we will make a silly hat.  For J it’s jelly beans in a jar!  BUT instead of coloring and cutting out the jelly beans, we will use our fingerprints!  The ‘staches will get to stamp their finger print in ink and make jelly beans in the jar!
In math, we’re focusing on counting to 100 by 1s and 10s.  We will practice counting to 100.  Then we will put our number cards in order from 1-100.  Then we will write from 1-100.  We will get to use our fun new penguin number cards!  WOOT WOOT!
Tuesday we continue our penguin research project with the book Penguins from National Geographic.  We will add new learning to our KWL chart.  Then we leave for a field trip to the children’s theater to see Lilly’s Purple Plastic Purse.
When we return, we will count to 100 and put our Olympic number cards in order and write to 100.
We will make a penguin can/have/are chart and add that piece to our research journal.  We will make a super cute penguin using our hand prints for feet!
Wednesday we will read The Emperor’s Egg and add new learning to our KWL chart.  We will continue with vowels and blending.  
In math, we will be working on 1-100.  More counting.  More writing.
We will do a true/false sort with penguin facts.  After we sort the facts we will write 6 facts into our research journal.  
And we’ll make a super cute penguin using paper plates and paint!
Thursday we will read Tacky The Penguin and discuss all we’ve learned about penguins.  We will make a look/live/eat chart about penguins.  We will review oru vowels and practice reading cvc-e words.  In math, more 100 fun!

We will make a picture of Tacky and label the parts of a penguin!
Friday is our 100th day of school!  That means a 100th day hat, 100 snacks, 100 excercises, 100 words, and a long day of celebrating!
We will read Miss Bindergarten Gets Ready For The 100th Day Of School and write out 100 words.  10 categories with 10 words each=100 words!
All during the day, Mr. Greg will play some music randomly and we’ll do 100 excercises.  
Math will be our Hershey Kisses Scavenger Hunt!  We’ll hide 100 kisses around the room and when we find one we’ll color the number on our chart and hunt for more.  Then we eat!
And now Mr. Greg is exhausted.
How about some freebies?!  A poem, maybe?  And people, this is EPIC!  EPIC I SAY!  Ten frame cards for the 100th day featuring none other than, THE GOLDEN GIRLS!  TRUE STORY!  How freakin’ awesome is this!?!?!  Makes me giddy.  
This week’s resources come from these Common Core Creations:

Every teacher loves books right?  
Well here’s a peek into what books I love right now!  

Curious George books are my all time favorite books.  These are the books that I learned to read with. I remember mom and dad reading to me every night.  In fact, as a youngster, I had such horrible night terrors (the sitting up, screaming and sweating and sleepwalking…) that I had to see a psychiatrist.  He suggested my parents read me 3 fun books right before bed time.  It worked and I’ve loved reading ever since.  All thanks to a monkey and the man in the yellow hat.  And here’s a cool fact…I have an original Curious George stuffed monkey!!!!
Link up with your favorite books!

I thought it would be fun to have all my bloggy friends link up what books they love!  So grab the buttons below to include in a post and link up what books you love!

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