Snowball Word Jar

Hello Monday.   I defeated you once again!  BAHAHAHAHAHA!

Today I want to share you with you my latest word work jar.  These are very popular in our classroom.  We love to shake them and write the words!  I love them because they’re easily changed, they’re engaging and they’re fun!  Hello, fun!!!

All you need for this jar is a jar, cotton balls, glitter and card stock for the words! 
I got my jars from Wal-Mart for about $2.  
The glitter just makes it sparkly….um, we all know I love sparkly!
I used blue card stock for our 10 winter/snow words.  Tip:  give the cards a bit of a fold/bend to keep them from sticking together!

Load the cotton (snow!), words and then sprinkle with a healthy amount of glitter!  Glitter=sparkle.  Sparkle=Mr. Greg is happy!
Click on the picture to download your free recording sheet!
Someone asked me what I was doing for my Valentine’s Day word jars….hmmmm…ideas???  Thoughts???  I thought about pink/red rice…but I’m open for suggestions?!
Speaking of sparkle, my friend Robin visited today from California!  We actually met through this blog!  I am so lucky to have such amazing friends!!!  She brought me this amazing gift!
Just SPARKLE people, just SPARKLE!!!!

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