A Kindergarten Smorgasboard Facebook Freebie Hop

I am so lucky to be joining with some amazing bloggers for a Facebook freebie hop to celebrate Teacher’s Pay Teachers being 3,000,000 teachers strong.  3 million people.  That is some serious strength in numbers.  I am honored to be part of an amazing community of teachers who are changing the world one amazing lesson at a time!  TEACHERS ROCK!

I know you’ve been hopping through Facebook and hopefully snagging some amazing freebies!

Here is my freebie:  A Spin and Graph set from my What Does The Fox Say:  CVC-E Version!  You get 4 spinners and recording sheets to go with it!  This is all part of my CVC-E word fox set!    I hope you enjoy your freebie!

Click the picture to get your freebie!

 photo clickhereimage_zps930d37b9.png
Click the picture to go back to the very beginning of the FB hop!

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