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Happy Tuesday ya’ll!  I hope everyone had a terrific day!

I have had so many requests for video lessons…seriously, so many!  SO….I just had to make it happen.  I got permission from 14/15 parents and the boss man and so here is my first video lesson!  We will be working to improve the quality and recording but for now, you can finally see us in action!

What you will see is our morning meeting routine.  I am a huge proponent of morning meeting.  It builds community,  it brings us together to celebrate the start of our day and it gets our brains thinking about school in a fun and interactive way!  Morning meeting is also a great way to hit on some Common Core standards in a  quick and repetitive way!!!

This is exactly what it looks like every day.  I didn’t edit or coach the ‘staches.  I hit record on the MacStache and away we went!  Our morning meeting has a greeting, sharing, an activity and morning message.  What you see is of course happening now because of lots of practice and scaffolding!  The writing of the message is slowly released to the ‘staches over time.  We start with 1 letter missing and slowly build up to what you see now, the whole greeting of the message missing!

The activities change daily, as does the person writing the message.  But we follow the same pattern and routine.    Please leave comments with questions you have after viewing the video and I will write a post to answer the questions.

If you’re interested in more morning meeting ideas, click the links!  These links will provide you with information on morning messages, activities and other fun and intriguing tidbits related to morning meeting.

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