A Kindergarten Smorgasboard Five For Friday February 2014

And he’s back…people, I have been down and out with this horrible, terrible, no good very bad stomach virus.  OMG!  I can’t remember when I felt that bad.  I even had to get a shot in my read end and I argued with the nurse about it.  But oh that shot made it all better.  I went back to work today and feel much better, just drained.  WASH YOUR HANDS!   BLEACH  YOUR CLASSROOMS!  WASH YOUR HANDS SOME MORE!  MORE BLEACH!  Kill the virus!

Alright, now that you’ve heard my public service announcement for the day, how about five highlights from the week (and I’ll spare you any pictures or gory details from my epic trip home from school following the onset of the stomach virus.  4 words: did. not. make. it.)

We celebrated family literacy night at my school this week so the TBFF (Teacher Best Friend Forever) and I got all dolled up as the cat and the thing.  Thing 2 was there but she kept disappearing…so much fun!  I glitter heart my school!
We’re rocking the long vowels and magic e words!  I think we’ve got the hang of these!  Next up: blends!
We finally finished out presidents unit Monday!  Thanks to Katie and Teacher To The Core for the ah-mazing craftivities and thanks to my ah-mazing ‘staches for their awesome presidential writing!  And Wal-Mart for the ah-mazing glitter wrapping paper!
We are slightly obsessed with qr codes!  Everyone wants the iPod center.  I need about 13 more iPods!  Anyone?!  I’m working on a new qr code center pack and tested it out…long vowels…they rocked!  The ‘staches and the qr codes!
And finally…this is a throwback to middle school.  People, I was rocking the bangs.  That is all.

Don’t forget about the 3 Million Strong Teacher’s Pay Teachers Sale!  All of my creations are 28% off through tonight!  Use the code TPT3 at checkout!  I need to shop soon!  I must have more clip art!!! clip art=creations!
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