Happy Monday!   Yesterday I shared a picture of some number bonds that I had made for our math lesson today.  Today as we were working through our lesson on decomposing numbers, I snapped a picture of the ‘staches at work with their number bonds and shared it on Instagram and Facebook….and BAM!   So many people were asking for the “deets” on the lesson so I decided to share it.  Your wish is my command!  WAIT!  You’re not my FB friend or my Instagram friend!?  We need to fix that!  Click on the links to be my friend!

Back to our regularly scheduled lesson…

number bonds
We started working on decomposing numbers last week and briefly introduced number bonds.  I was so excited today when we kicked off the math lesson by asking if anyone remembered what we had been working on.  They yelled “decomposing numbers” and “number bonds!”  Hello excited teacher!
Why decompose numbers?  It’s a great skill to build into addition and subtraction.  It helps students understand that numbers can be made in a variety of ways.
Today we took our lesson a bit further.
Each child got a number bond that I made yesterday!
These are super simple to make.  Just a large circle and 2 small circles.  Add two arms and you have a giant number bond for decomposing numbers.   I used my Martha Steward circle cutter to make my circles.
We started off with some group practice.  I drew a number bond on the board and put a number in the large circle.
The ‘staches put the correct number of counters in the large circle on their number bonds.
Then the ‘staches were told to “decompose” their number.  We had already talked about how decomposing meant breaking apart.  They moved their counters to the smaller circles.    We then shared all of the different ways we made the number.
After a few more whole group practice examples, we moved to independent practice.


We did the first two number bonds on our practice page together.  And then I turned them loose!


On day 1, we had…wait for it…80% mastery!!!
I am so proud of the little ‘staches!  They rocked it today!
Here’s the best part:  they were asking to take the number bonds home!  I will be giving them materials to make a smaller version to take home!  You know it’s good if they want to take it home!



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