A Kindergarten Smorgasboard Of Wednesday Centers

Hump Day!!!  All of these people with snow days makes a little jealous…just sayin!!  But I hope ya’ll are safe, warm and getting some rest!
It’s Wednesday so it’s time for a peek at our centers for the week!  It has been a busy week for centers!  The ‘staches have been rocking and rolling this week so they’re getting some serious center time in this week!  Heart these weeks!

I love this center.  It’s glittery.  Hello, I love all things glitter.  And it’s playing cards.  And it is full of math skills!!!  LOVE IT!

Seriously…those golden girl ten frames are the best ever!  And those heart counters?!  Thank you Dollar Tree!!

If you’re interested you are welcome to check out these creations!  

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